Fresh Couture is a perfume by a well-known perfume brand Moschino that appeared in shops in 2015. The bottle with it unusual and everyday packaging draws attention because it resembles, by shape, not function, the window cleaning spray. Creative director Jeremy Scott’s idea was to contrast and consequently elevates the scent of detergent to the level of designer perfume and to help him do that he enlisted a supermodel of the 90s Linda Evangelista.

Perfume opening is almost identical to Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. It is so similar I thought it was a blatant copy, but after a few minutes, when the upper notes of (in my opinion) too often used bergamot and ambroxan chord evaporated, the perfumed simmered down towards a fruity floral composition. I say simmer down because the opening is literary screaming. Bergamot is so bitter and unbearably sharp that I felt like I’ve sniffed a proper window cleaning detergent. Luckily, one can endure five minutes of it and the light, almost powdery combination of raspberry and peony somewhat improves the first impression. But not enough. Fresh Couture does not justify its name in both perfume and idea sense. After ingenious Eau Sauvage by Dior and Cool Water by Davidoff that gave meaning to the family of fresh perfumes and have freshened up perfume industry with the usage of aromatic herbs, Moschino gave designer perfume scene nothing new nor particularly good.

Fresh Couture has a perfume base Alberto Morillas loves so much lately, mostly when he rushes to finish the perfume formula. Here we have a mix of patchouli, peony, and fruit that can be found in all his mediocre creations like Bvlgari Gold The Roman Night to this Moschino. Except for the overpriced practical joke in form of Mr. Proper spray that you’d give to your girlfriend as a reminder she’s spending too much time in the house and that she should stop being a desperate housewife, I see no other reason for someone to buy this perfume. If you’re having fun, don’t be a Brie when you know Gabriella is having the most fun. Instead of Fresh Couture take your friend to a cocktail night in a new bar in town and then to the theatre or a movie or Chippendales show. Its far cheaper and the air is electric and full of pheromones. Don’t be desperate! Spice it up like a real housewife!

[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, tangerine, ylang-ylang; middle notes: peony, raspberry, osmanthus; base notes: wood, patchouli, ambroxan.

[Fragrance grup] fruity floral. The ad for this perfume can be seen on Moschino official YT channel.

Perfume creator Alberto Morillas.

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