Montblanc has always produced premium products that embody sophistication, seriousness, and precision in manufacturing – watches, purses, pens, wallets, and other accessories. But, the story of this perfume is not one of austerity, harshness, or seriousness, but somewhat of a lovely fairy tale that reveals another side of this company or, more specifically, the mastery of those who left their Signature. All of that company’s products dissolve in front of my eyes, leaving me to continue my journey into the realms of tenderness with the Signature perfume.


A glass finish surrounds the white bottle that permeates the sun’s rays. As a finishing touch, the cap features a little gold corporate logo. In our thoughts, whiteness and sheen are associated with something smooth, creamy, attractive, and delicate. Signature is just like that.

It begins gently, albeit with a citrus note. The mandarin is the first note to appear, but it swiftly gives way to the popular floral notes of peony, ylang-ylang, and magnolia. But, of course, we wouldn’t get a creamy and delicate composition if vanilla, white musk, and warm benzoin didn’t flicker in the background during this beautiful journey. They are the ingredients of naïve fantasies, fulfilled hopes, and a hint of cashmere. Imagine a nice, fluffy blanket that keeps you warm and makes you feel as carefree as a child. That’s exactly how this fragrance makes me feel. A feeling similar to that of Byredo Blanche.

There is no doubt that the last station of this perfume is vanilla in the embrace of musk, but it is not just any vanilla of cheap and worn-out perfumes. This vanilla, the queen of oriental fragrances, is not one that pretentiously conquers space or whose sweetness becomes unbearable indoors or during summer. So don’t expect a seductress, a daring lady who grabs sighs with one pass on a night out, or a teenage girl who wants to be adorable and likable in a split second.

Only white complements this perfume – minimalism as a way of life, style, and pleasure! Despite being a little softer and more subtle, Vanilla is quite appealing to men, who turn and want to join her as the adventure continues. The woman who chooses this scent is kind and honest, mature and approachable; she is a dreamer who doesn’t show much, but what she does reveal is more than enough. She is a woman who follows her own set of rules; she does not impose herself and dislikes invasive persons. So allow it to choose you and savor cashmere kisses for as long as you can.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: clementine; middle notes: magnolia, peony, ylang-ylang; bottom notes: Vanilla, musk, benzoin.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral.

The creator of the perfume is Nathalie Gracia Cetto.