Miu Miu is a perfume by Miu Miu brand, founded by Miuccia Prada, as an extension of her twisted and somewhat eccentric approach to fashion, which merges sensuality with intellect through contradictions and conceptual surprises. Miu Miu has a very strong identity and unwavering creative character since the time it was founded, back in 1993. Even today, this brand is avant-garde, never blatant, and often provocative. To a lesser extent, it is the same with perfume itself, at least having in mind the rest of the creations from the designer world.

miu miu

When I first met Miu Miu, it was a couple of months after its appearance in 2015, I was so fascinated by its unusual, elegant and sophisticated composition, as well as the bottle in which that concoction was placed, that I had to I put on the list of TOP 3 best novelties for that year. The sophisticated woody note I felt in it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite perfumes, Gucci Rush for Men, which is unfortunately discontinued. Still, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that behind both fragrances stands Daniela Andrier, a talented perfumer. Her most well-known perfume creations include Bottega Veneta Knot, Bvlgari Opera Prima, Calvin Klein Contradiction, Etat Libre d’Orange I am Trash, Armani She, Guerlain Angelique Noire, and numerous Prada creations.

A special fragrant ingredient, akigalawood, adorns this perfume. Like many special aromatic notes, created in laboratories, without which modern perfumery would not have been possible since the end of the 19th century, akigalawood was created in the most famous Givaudan laboratory. Its scent is complex and varies from fresh to warm, and combines fragrant facets of pepper, patchouli, and oud. Magical, isn’t it?

The perfume composition of Miu Miu perfume is floral. The central role is played by the infinitely romantic scent note of lily of the valley, one of the most beautiful and romantic in the perfume industry. Although this perfume would work perfectly as a soliflore composition, Daniela enriched the floral base with sensual jasmine, rose, and green notes, like an ode to big floral perfumes from the past, when fragrances were worn like haute couture Dior and Chanel dresses. This accord between floral and woody notes, so characteristic of the era of perfumes like Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, has been revived in a modern and contemporary way, to provide an olfactory gift to anyone who wants to enrich their everyday life with a little elegance and style. Today, like a couple of years ago, when I first wrote about this perfume, it awakens the same picture: Jane Austin, on a swing under a large oak tree, with a cup of tea next to her, dreams of timeless, romantic love. Miu Miu is truly a perfume of perfect manners, like the ladies of that period. Subtlety and elegance, indeed.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, lemon, lily of the valley; middle notes: jasmine, rose, green notes; black currant, peach; base notes: woody notes, musk.

[Fragrance group] floral.

The creator of the perfume is Daniela Andrier.

miu miu