Let us use our time machine to travel into 1792. Legend has it that first Eau de Cologne was made by a mysterious monk as a wedding present to distinguished tradesman Wilhelm Mülhens. He called his potion “aqua mirabilis” or “miraculous water”.

Photo: theyearinfood.com

Allegedly it had healing powers and was soothing for body and mind. Its exact formula is still kept a secret but natural and wonderful ingredients have been used in natural medicine since the early days. Bergamot, lemon and orange revitalise the body, while lavender and rosemary have soothing effect and are good for your nerves.

Neroli, blossom of the bitter orange, is the basis of the formula and gives an optimistic note to entire mixture. It was used by noblemen daily and in all occasions. If you are royal blood, use this perfume to remember how it was to be an XVIII century nobleman.