Cedrat Boise honest review

For my taste, Cedrat Boise has always been something of Aventus twin. If I had to compare these two perfumes, I would do it most easily through the metaphor of Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie The Twins. They have a handful of differences, but their hearts are in the same place. Yes, Danny DeVito (Cedrat Boise) is not as beautiful, handsome, and aesthetically perfect as Arnold Schwarzenegger (Aventus), but there is something in him that cheers and attracts people. In a strange way, CB is ugly hot.

twins 3

Although a clone of Aventus,

CB has a couple of aces up his sleeve.

  • Incredibly juicy fruity notes that are especially pleasing in summer.
  • Creamy, yes, sticky, but creamy texture that allures hedonists who want to dive their fangs into a delicious piece of cake or someone’s neck.

Citrus notes last much longer than usual in perfumes, and certainly much longer than I would like, except when it comes to grapefruit in Pamplelune, which I could smell day and night. I don’t know if the reason is that Pierre may go a little overboard with synthetic notes, but the mesmerizing combination of black currant, white florals, and vanilla counteracts this and makes the whole thing delicious and almost gourmand. At one point, it seems to me that Cedrat Boise is more feminine than masculine perfume, but the note of leather that permeates the entire composition actually makes this perfume a good choice for men as well, ie a real unisex perfume.

cedrat boise

What’s Cedrat Boise’s biggest flaw?

Cedrat Boise’s biggest problem isn’t selecting or blending fragrant notes. They unite to form a lovely citrus-woody concoction with notes of sweet fruit and warm leather. The problem is with the texture, which is extremely sticky, borderline nasty, and repulsive, but in time it grows on you, just like Deni De Vito’s.

Where the Aventus (Schwarzy) is strong and durable, there the Cedrat Boise (Deny) is characteristic and persistent. He knows that by nature he is not as good as the first one, but that is why he tries incomparably harder, and it lasts more than 12 hours on the skin. CB, not Danny DeVito. I doubt there is a person who would like to know, other than his wife, how long Deni De Vito lasts on the skin.

So, which one to choose?

The choice between Cedrat Boise and Aventus is similar to the one that people in pursuit of the ideal partner have been contemplating for a long time: do I want someone who is flawless on paper, or someone who is more easygoing, understands me, and hows to make me laugh? Decide upon that, and you’ll know which fragrance to choose.

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[Fragrance notes] bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood, cedar, lemon, black currant.

[Fragrance group] woody citrus.

The creator of the perfume is Pierre Montale.