Ananda Tchai is a perfume by the French niche brand M. Micallef that appeared on the shelves of perfumeries around the world in 2017, and the promo face is Serbian famous basketball player Ana Dabović. Ananda Tchai is the latest perfume from the Ananda collection. It is inspired by lavish floral bouquets, surrounded by juicy fruity notes and a state of ecstatic happiness, as the name itself means in Hindu and Buddhist tradition.

Here is what M. Micallef says about Ananda Tchai:

Ananda Tchai invites you on a sensual and romantic journey into the very heart of an imaginary Asian garden. A soothing haze, Hesperidic top notes provide an experience of freshness rounded off with a precious and aromatic bouquet. Without haste, notes in the background dissolve over the hours that pass, and the woody trail gives the final stamp to this intoxicating perfume.

My view of Ananda Tchai perfume is entirely different from this. However, it pleases and stimulates the imagination when I read such uncharacteristically measured words that come from the creator himself. We are all accustomed to pompous, loud, hyperbolic descriptions of perfumes when they come to us from perfume houses, and it is disappointing that the expectation seldom matches reality. That is not the case with Ananda Tchai perfume. The situation is almost reversed; the reality has exceeded expectations.

ananda tchai

The perfume composition of Ananda Tchai is floral. However, the overall olfactory impression is ultimately gourmet. From the opening, which I must immediately warn you is one of the strongest I have ever felt in my life, probably because the perfumes are made for the Arab market, and we all know that they love their perfumes on steroids, to the final notes, when the last a whiff of perfume evaporates from the skin. In front of us is an exotic chocolate dessert with tea cream, like a blend of beautiful, almost raw dark chocolate and Earl Gray tea with bergamot aroma. Simultaneous mixing and intertwining of thick, delicious gourmet notes and aromatic, green gives a feeling of warming and cooling, a trendy trick among top confectioners around the world. If you like perfumes that smell like sweets, with Ananda Tchai you will be the most luxurious and refined dessert in town.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: lemon, bergamot; middle notes: tea, nutmeg, heliotrope, thyme, fern, ylang-ylang, rose; base notes: spices, musk, cedar, amber, guaiac wood, vanilla.

[Fragrance group] floral.