Welcome to the world of niche perfumes. Feel the excitement, diversity, and luxury provided by Belodore. Belodore is the clashing opposite of commercial perfumes and is located in one of the most beautiful and oldest streets in Belgrade, in the heart of the city, Kralja Petra str. No. 67. It presents a different concept from the production of designer perfumes and their wide availability, which is indeed a feature of niche perfumes.


Launched in January 2017 when Belodore boutique opened its door for the first time. Later, it spread to several nearby countries and expand our network of luxury, unique, and professional niche perfumeries in the Balkan Region. Occupying a space of over 200 square feet, Belodore is inviting guests to the impressive journey, into the world of Haute fragrances and beauty. With a team of highly trained specialists, our perfumery is a witty alternative to mass perfume shops. Niche is limited by the clientele and therefore with a limited sale range. Thus the goal of niche perfumery is not to sell as much as possible. We are celebrating art and creativity and a unique experience. Our exclusive interiors, selective assortment, combined with attentive and professional service that makes our boutiques true sanctuaries of beauty.

Our shop is a very special, diverse, elegant place and exudes luxury. Moto for our clients is: “the best from the best for the best”. Our clients are not buying a “thing” they are buying art to achieve a feeling…or to get an emotional lift…. to enhance an experience.

When choosing a personal signature scent, everyone wants to have one that is uniquely their own. This is where niche perfume houses come into the picture. In recent years, we have seen an incredible spike in popularity and demand for niche perfumes as more and more people are discovering unique scents that speak to them, beyond just crowd-pleasing fragrances. Everyone wants to be distinct in every aspect. These are the niche fragrance brands that you might never have heard of before but should totally get your noses on. Their artistic and one-of-a-kind scent offerings will leave a memorable trail that will linger in the air for you and others to enjoy.


Leave a strong impression, do not make compromises, let them follow you. We will make an effort to create excitement and balance because if you did not already you will find your favorite component which will create magic in touch with your skin.

Belodore constantly and carefully selects the most exciting brands from Paris, New York, London and Milan. We are proud to introduce world-renowned Haute perfumery names.

List of perfume brands:

Acqua Di Parma, Ajmal, Amouage, Annayake, Bond No 9, Creed, Costume National, Escentric Molecules, Etat Libre d’Orange, Etro, Floris, Alexandre J, Giardino Benessere, Houbigant, Tiziana Terenzi, V Canto, Starck, The Different Company, Majda Bekalli, Mancera, Montale, Perris Monte Carlo, The Beautiful Mind Series, Jean Patou, M. Micallef.

We are inviting you to discover specific fragrances and experiences fused together with the creative and urban zone of luxury, beauty, and pleasure. Our oasis of art is waiting for you in Belgrade.


Kralja Petra str. No 67, Belgrade, Serbia.

phone +381 64 6447 188; FB Belodore Serbia

Working hours: Monday to Friday; 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM.

Saturday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM; Sunday closed

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