L’Insoumis (The Rebel) is a male fragrance by french brand Lalique, known for its magnificent production of crystal, launched in Europe in 2016. Lalique perfume creations are a match to their crystal. They are daring, unusual, intriguing often avantgarde but above all smell fantastic and L’insoumis is no exception. Full of character, they are not for everyone but the one who can wear Lalique perfume will sit on a fragrant cloud “far from all evil,” just like Dis, famous serbian poet, said in his poem “Perhaps she sleeps.”

Perfume composition of L’Insoumis is very complex, successfully binding the echoes of different scent groups like aromatic fougere perfumes, oriental spicy and woody. It resembles classic male fragrances like Azzaro Pour Homme, but adjusted to modern gourmand trends. Sweet and liqueur-like note of rum probably owns its vibe to coumarin that is perfectly harmonized with lavender note typical for the fragrance group of this perfume – aromatic fougere. The opening combined with bergamot and basil is fun, like sitting with friends in a garden of some bar, siping juicy cocktails and having even juicier conversations. The mixture of modern and classical, fresh and bitter, sharp and sensual in L’Insoumis is incomparable with any male perfume that appeared in the past few years. In a certain way, this perfume could be everything to everyone although it doesn’t aspire to be a megahit. If compared to many another male “contemporaries” that desire to attract fans by all means, L’Insoumis does it smoothly and unpretentiously. It knows its value and suits most men well and it could be their “secret weapon” but it is not his style to impose. Those who know will know its value. Just like Schweppes slogan: “Only for experienced.”

L’Insoumis comes in a beautiful bottle which is not surprising since Lalique house was part of perfume history by creating bottles for best perfumers and most exquisite 20-century perfumes. Inspired by 1926 Tourbillons vase with fern motive, the bottle like the perfume itself is a mixture of retro and contemporary design. My advice is to wear it in spring and fall so that every note could vibrate. You don’t have to be Thomas Vlassenroot (Alain Delon) in the 1964 movie L’Insoumis, but if you wear this perfume there is a great chance you’ll find your Dominique.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: basil, rum, bergamot; middle notes: sage, lavender, pepper; base notes: patchouli, vetiver, oak moss.

[Fragrance group] aromatic fougere. The add for L’Insoumis can be found on Lalique’s official YouTube channel.

Perfume creator Fabrice Pellegrin.

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