World review

World is the newest perfume by Kenzo, that hit the market in 2016. Judging by the ad campaign and the official website, Kenzo is very proud of their latest perfume escapade. I’m not sure how proud they should be considering they gave us perfume giants like Jungle and Amour, but let us start with the review and the conclusion of whether this perfume is worthy or not.

The famous perfume ad

The eccentric ad with a heroine dancing heretically and the symbolic all-seeing eye that stands at the top of the pyramid on the American dollar bill and in many other obscure and general conspiracy theories is a daring act. I did not expect anything less from the house that overdosed us with prunol, juicy and rich aromachemical that gives Jungle the scent of dried fruits and spices.

The perfume composition

As far as the scent itself is concerned, it is very floral with an ample dose of fruit. It smells a bit dirty which is not necessarily a bad quality in a perfume. My personal favorite is Shalimar – a very dirty, kinky vanilla. Just don’t wear it at the time when you have a problem with dirty thoughts if there is ever such a time. Just like Shalimar, for some reason, perhaps because of the dirty notes mentioned, it harmonizes nicely with the scent of the body’s natural scent. I might add that body smell emphasize and underlines the scent of World… if it was the other way around it, it would be a problem. So, all of you who like to get sweaty during the day, this is a perfume for you.

Kenzo World is at the same time appealing and repulsive. Like the person that is hairy in the places it shouldn’t be, smelly when it shouldn’t be, physically so not your type but for some unexplainable reason totally sexy.

Kenzo World’s fault is that it lasts only for a couple of hours. From this type of scent composition, I was expecting it to last at least twice as long. Lovers of Kenzo perfumes will find this a mild reinterpretation of Kenzo perfume philosophy, but maybe the World is excellent as an introduction to Kenzo World for someone who hated Kenzo perfumes or has never smelled them before. Be that as it may, this is one of the novelties you should try.

POSSIBLY OF INTEREST: Sticky fruity-floral Chinatown by Bond no 9 and Fruity heaven Cristalle by Chanel.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: red berries; middle notes: peony, jasmine, floral notes; base notes: ambroxan.

[Fragrance group] floral woody musk. The crazy commercial for Kenzo World can be seen on their official YT channel. If you love dry fruits in perfumes, you should check this perfume.

Perfume creator Francis Kurkdjian.