Aqua pour Homme is the newest perfume by Kenzo, known for its unusual and a bit eccentric creations, both perfume and fashion. Perfume duo Aqua pour Homme and Aqua pour Femme appeared in the spring of 2018 with the idea to reinterpret aquatic, fresh notes. It draws inspiration in the “vision of water that transforms into something unusual. A magi water that reveals the world in a different light”. Really, what?! If any of you understands what the people from Kenzo wanted to say, please leave a comment. But in my opinion, they shouldn’t write a copy while high on mushrooms. Not that I have anything against mushroom but I have against a bad copy.

I must admit that right after I put on Aqua pour Homme on a blotter, the perfume intrigued me and made me think it was one of the most unusual designer perfumes of the year. But after I tried it on the skin I realized it was unusual but not in the Captain Jack Sparrow kind of a way. No, it was more like….well, James Charles. None knows why he exists in a public space but there he is, with that alien peculiarity.


Aqua pour Homme reminds me of another Kenzo perfume – Kenzo World I wrote about. When I was writing about the World I mentioned a strange, dirty vibe that I found attractive. That same vibe is “washed out” in Aqua but still dirty that makes it either dirty clean or just dirty and that makes no sense, don’t you agree? And all the while it was on my skin, even when it evaporated almost completely, I was feeling uneasy. It just smells “wrong”.

I was afraid that it other people will find it stinks and a perfume should never, ever cause those kinds of fears and feelings, right? Unless you’re making an experiment in social psychology. An awful concoction of sweets and sea, repulsive from the first note to the last. I applaud to anyone who will dare to wear it in public. A small advice, even If you dare to do so, please don’t sister snatch it.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: pink pepper, bergamot, apple; middle notes: hazelnut, sea notes, green notes, sesame; base notes: amber, musk, tonka, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar.

[Fragrance group] aromatic aquatic.

Perfume creators are Ane Ayo and Philippe Romano.