Perfumes today are, because of its composition made mostly out of synthetic aromachemicals, fare more stable and long-lasting than the perfumes of the past that had a larger share of natural substances. Still, there are things that can negatively affect your perfume, so much it can go from fresh to disgustingly sour in just a few days. If you want to keep your perfume lasting, these are the things you mustn’t do:

Light exposure. That’s probably the most dangerous thing for a perfume. The light we see is made out of photons with energy strong enough to break the chemical bonds of scent molecules (unlike rubbing it in that cannot do that). If and when that happens, you will notice your perfume has a brownish color. Be careful for it only takes a week of exposure and your favorite pet along with Toto will be photochemically burned. Compared to that, perfumes kept in the dark can last for a long time, potentially longer than its owner. So, if you don’t want to use it right away, keep it in a box in one of your drawers.

Heat exposure. The second most dangerous thing for perfumes. That is why you often hear that perfumes shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom because the variations in temperature (and humidity) are so great they can negatively affect the quality of the perfume and other beauty products. You know that perfume develops quickly even on your skin, so imagine what could happen if it was in your bathroom during an average bathing period. I don’t know how you feel about it, but if there is no sauna or Turkish bath after my showering, then I haven’t done it properly. So, the most practical solution is to keep you perfumes where you prepare for work or school. For heaven’s sake, keep them someplace dry and cool.

Another thing to keep in mind is the ripening of a perfume. Each perfume goes through that stage and a good practice in perfume industry is to hold with the bottling of the perfume until that stage passes. The biggest portion of ripening happens in the first few days, but the process continues while perfume is shelved and bought. That may be one of the reasons why perfumes smell differently in perfume shops and different when you put them on because they are freshly made. The second reason is the reformulation of the perfume, but that is another story. I hope these bits of advice helped. Take care of your perfume pets because they are, as our man in perfume industry Bruno Jovanovic said, our second skin.

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