Scandal by Night is the new perfume by fashion brand Jean Paul Gaultier that appeared in September 2018. It’s marketed as a new version of last year’s Scandal but only by name because the scent is pretty much the same and without the pleasing fruity note in the opening that lasts for 0.02 seconds, I would swear it is the same identical scent. Scandal by Night is kind of scent metaphor of “returning to the crime scene” because, after last year’s scandalously bad Scandal, the House of Gaultier decided to face us again with a new criminal edition.

For starters, let’s see what JPG says about Scandal by Night:

Scandal perfume was the reflection of a free spirit. Now with Scandal by Night, that free spirit will be unbreakably linked with another,  freer spirit. This is an oriental floral scent.

If you understood what they meant then you’re my idol. Because this alcoholic word salad can understand only someone who, like the lady from the perfume bottle, got wasted and dived head first into the barrel of bourbon, with only feet hanging in air.

Perfume composition of Scandal by Night is simple and linear, like mot JPG perfumes. The only difference compared to Le Male, Fleur du Male, Ma Dame, Classique, Scandal (old and new version) is that they look infinitely cheap. Like drug market perfumes by Jana Dacovic od Zorana only more expensive. If you want to smell cheap than by the cheap versions. It is pointless to pay 100 euros to smell like the girl that drove away half the theater. Guess what perfume she used. It rimes with Nadal. Ole for the lack of taste.

If Scandal by Night is your very first perfume, some understanding can be mustered. Not everyone is born with a taste for perfumes. If it is your second, I can hardly find an excuse for you because I can’t think of a worst smelling designer perfume than this one. It is so bad that even Scandal is better than it. And if it is your third, then you are hopeless because even though you don’t have a taste in perfumes you should at least have some taste. Everyone can. I am hopeful and eagerly await for the world with only one scandal: fury shoes and summer boots.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: citrus, honey; middle notes: tuberose, nard; base notes: patchouli, sandalwood, tonka.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral.