Scandal is the first perfume Jean Paul Gaultier did with well known house PUIG in 2017. The aim was to break apart from the inertia of creating limited editions JPG is known for and create a sexy perfume of the new generations fit for women with boring everyday jobs that still can party at nights like Paris Hilton.

Ad campaign follows a minister who after all night of partying goes directly to work. Maybe that is scandalous in France but here, that technique has already been practiced and perfected by our politicians. “Scandal was designed to break clichés, to offer something new and modern and at the same time powerful and elegant.” Did it succeed? You can find out if you read the rest of this review.

The new perfume from Jean Paul Gaultier, Scandal, buzzes with sexiness….but only in the ad. The sound of bare woman feet (that stick from the perfume bottle as well) will not draw out men’s sighs (or whistles – exhales maybe) but only the buzzing of the bees. An unbearable scent of honey can only attract one thing – a local bee colony.

Save the bees, skip the Gaulties.

Where is the good old JPG? The perfume maker who created timeless legends like Le Male or Gaultier 2 is still alive (and working). There is no excuse for the endless row of nicely packed crap he’s been feeding us lately. The only thing that is left is the linearity and the strength of his perfumes. Although truth to be told that’s not very flattering because who would want to smell bad for so long? Similar in a way but much better designed are Givenchy Pi and Must de Cartier Gold. If you’re into this sweetness, then do it like a lady with class and choose one of them instead of Scandal.

My advice for you is always to try out the perfume I’m writing about, whether my review is positive or negative, but in this case, just be grateful I’ve “sacrificed my nose for you” and walk away from it. People will be grateful…bees too.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: red orange, gardenia; middle notes: honeybase notes: patchouli.

[Fragrance group] chypre floral.

Perfume creator is Daphne Bugey.

[Perfume profiling] introverted 10% extroverted 90% rational 10% emotional 90%

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