Kokorico is the first male fragrance Jean Paul Gaultier fashion house launched after a long sabbatical and huge success of their cult perfume Le Male and its numerous flankers. It was envisaged as unusual, brisk, aphrodisiac perfume with dominant notes of cocoa and wood. The bottle is jet black and represents an illusion – when you look at it from one side you see a male profile while on the other side you see a male torso. Kokorico was created by marvelous Annick Menardo and Olivier Cresp.

It was a warm, August afternoon. Nikola Tesla airport, flight from Belgrade to Paris. Half empty airplane was the proof that JAT tickets were ridiculously expensive and that the holiday season was ending. Among passengers were two seemingly ordinary personas. They were sitting only a few seats apart, looking through oval windows. The silence in the plane was cut short by surprised mumbling od a gentleman in black pants and even blacker turtleneck sweater. “Something smells like figs as if one of the passengers spent his vacation in the shade of a fig tree. “I’m surprised you can smell anything, sir,” a woman’s voice replied, “as you still smell of that cocoa you drank I’d say three days ago.””Do we know each other,” asked the man in black. “No, but my nose tells me you’re a perfumer and my nose never lies.” “That’s true, I work as a perfumer and judging by your black skirt and even blacker blouse I’d say you work in the same industry.” “Occasionally, as my talent is far too great for me to work with just one company. My name is Annick.” “Olivier, pleased to meet you. Do you mind if I sit next to you.” “Not at all, we can share this odd Serbian dessert I always get when flying with JAT.” Thank you, Ann, what kind of dessert is it?” “Dry plum in dark chocolate. Try it, Olivier.” “Mmmm, unusual but tasty combination. It would make an interesting perfume,” two unusually ordinary people continued their conversation while flying toward Paris.

Kokorico is truly an unusual and interesting perfume that brings together a dominant cocoa note with a refreshing green note of fig leaf. The sweetness of the fig combined with a peculiar scent of thick, spicy cocoa gives this perfume a refreshing quality despite the “heavy” scent notes. Without them, this perfume would be unbearably suffocating. Especially if we take into consideration the level of chocolate worshiping in Western civilization and the number of gourmand perfumes in this decade alone. After an hour, the lower notes of perfume – vetiver and patchouli – start to develop and the entire composition turns from delicious gourmand to spicy woody with the emphasis on woody notes. The perfume lasts and its projection is only slightly lesser than with legendary Le Male, but is considerably above average. Kokorico is not a crowd pleaser and not something you should buy without trying it on. But what it promises with its name it will deliver – your cock will find a lot of hens.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: fig leaf; middle notes: cocoa; base notes: patchouli, vetiver, cedar.

[Fragrance group] woody aromatic

Perfume creators are Annick Menardo and Olivier Cresp.