Gaultier 2 is a unisex perfume by the well-known French design house Jean Paul Gaultier that first hit the market in 2005. The story of this perfume begins with a conversation between Jean Paul Gaultier, a famous fashion designer, and Francis Kurkdjian, one of today’s most renowned perfumers. Jean Paul Gaultier sought to create a perfume that resembled the scent of two bodies entwined in pleasure. Skin odor, hormones, churning thoughts, and desires.  A perfume that exudes sheer, uninhibited eroticism.

gaultier 2

Several months later, the now-famous Gaultier 2 was born. It’s only three ingredients, but what three ingredients: amber, musk, and vanilla. It is said to be the unmistakable simplicity of Francis Kurkdjan’s style, which was inspired by the brilliant Sophia Groysman and linear perfumes like Lancome Tresor. Warmth, animal character, and delectable and seductive sweetness radiate like radioactive rays. This fragrance was designed to mimic the skin scent and is intended for the skin, thus it is hard to feel its charm on a blotter. It only really shines in combination with your skin, body heat, and pheromones. My advice is to try it when the weather is colder, as it is great for the upcoming fall and winter temps. The aura and sillage are mediocre, but the durability is unsurpassed. It remains on the skin for more than 12 hours, and in some cases for several days. And the longer it lingers, the more velvety and pleasant it becomes.

Compared to some other Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes, Gaultier 2 has controlled power and sweetness. Restraining potent notes is one of the biggest tasks of perfumers. A task in which they sometimes succeed (Le Male), and sometimes they fail miserably (Scandal).

For someone who is a fan of vanilla as an ingredient in a fragrance but rarely seeks out a vanilla-only scent (except being made with Givenchy Pi), I was surprised by how much I liked this one. To begin with, this smells a touch forceful and harsh, with a hint of spiciness at the beginning, but it soon settles into a beautifully sweet, musky, cozy perfume with exceptional longevity. Vanilla with a little musky kick. This could work on a man who is self-assured, extroverted, and able to pull off a gender-neutral playing ground. There are many casual or romantic occasions where this perfume would be suitable, but it wouldn’t be suitable for a more professional environment like a business meeting or an interview. The perfect choice for vanilla enthusiasts who haven’t yet discovered a long-lasting vanilla perfume, this one is really memorable and impactful.

Gaultier 2 is not only unisex, but I also think it is a real universal perfume. Who is the one who would stay immune to amber… musk… vanilla? The highest quality ingredients of the perfume industry are combined into one perfume. And the perfume itself combines two people into one. It is even sold in a package that contains two 40ml bottles. Ideal for couples. Enjoy the upcoming time, Gaultier 2, and of course, your couple.

[Fragrance notes] amber, musk, vanilla.

[Fragrance group] oriental gourmand.

The creator of the perfume is Francis Kurkdjian.