What to expect from a perfume that, according to the authors, is intended for “feminists, cyborgs, and survivors”? Despite the strangely specific target groups, JF Swarzlose Altruist was chosen as the best perfume in the world in 2017 in the Independent Perfume category at the prestigious and the only valid perfume competition Art & Olfaction Awards. And while all other perfume competitions resemble the Oscar of popularity where the organizers not only award everyone but always choose only the most popular performers, regardless of the quality of the song, the Art & Olfaction competition is completely different.


The expert jury receives samples of perfumes that have only the number written on them. So, they don’t know who the author is or for whom it was made. Their focus is exclusively on the quality, beauty, and innovation of the composition. In such strict but fair conditions and very strong competition, Altruist took a convincing victory. Only this fact indicates that this is a creation that must at least be paid attention to if nothing else.

From the very beginning, Altruist justifies its name. It is a fresh and optimistic perfume that sparkles with citrus and positive vibes. At times it is so positive that it’s even a little irritating, just like those people who are always in a good mood, for no reason. You like them incredibly, but you also hate them a bit, especially before the morning coffee. Admittedly, optimism becomes more bearable as time passes when a slightly darker note of vetiver intervenes, but even then Altruist’s cheerfulness is mesmerizing.

Another interesting thing about Altruist perfume is that it contains new and intriguing synthetic fragrant notes like lemon essence, marine ozonic Aqual, and something called Pure Jungle Essence. I don’t know how that substance smells on its own, it doesn’t resemble Kenzo Jungle, but maybe it is the one responsible for the incredible energy that this perfume has, as well as the rhythm that requires you to do your best during the day.

For all those looking for techno, postmodern version of Acqua di Sale, Altruist is your citrus marine fantasy.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, lemon, marine notes, ginger; middle notes: rose, orange blossom, nutmeg, black pepper; base notes: cedar, vetiver, patchouli, amber.

[Fragrance group] citrus.

The creator of the perfume is Veronique Nyberg.