There are many unwritten rules on how to apply fragrance properly to last as long as possible and make it feel better on the skin. Some say you should spray it into the air, and then go through the perfume cloud. Others advise applying it to the pulse points of the body because this is where the blood flow and heat of the body are at the peak. These points are wrist on the arm, temples, behind the ears, ankles, elbow or neck, and chest. But the thing is, we are warm everywhere, except maybe on our feet. So, put the perfume wherever you want, even clothes for that matter.

How to apply fragrance

Perhaps the best advice on how to apply fragrance is the one by Coco Chanel, and that is:

Apply perfume where you want to be kissed.

If you have it in a spray bottle, spray from a distance of at least 5 inches, so that the perfume can be sprayed neatly on the skin. And remember, perfumes are made to react with the skin, not hair or clothing (even though it might be a practical solution for those who are either sensitive to some fragrant components or if you want your perfume to last longer throughout the day). However, if you do decide to apply it to your hair or clothing, be prepared for possible changes in the scent. If you are interested in how to apply fragrance to hair, this is the trick! The trick for applying it to your hair is to first apply the perfume to the comb and then to get it through the hair to avoid potential alcohol damage to your follicles. Also, do not use perfume on the part of the skin where you have a lot of jewelry, the skin will sweat more, so that changes in the scent may occur again.

Some rules of decency suggest that you do not apply perfume more than a few times during the day, but even more is allowed in the evening. The nose is particularly sensitive in the morning, so avoid putting on perfume early in the morning if you are traveling by public transport or there are many people around you, chances are they will get annoyed. Take the perfume in your bag and put it on when everyone is already used and adapted to the new day. People with dry skin may apply the perfume more often because it evaporates more quickly on their skin. The trick is to apply the perfume immediately after a shower while it is still moist or if you use a moisturizer – apply a thin layer of moisturizer and then spray perfume on top of the hydrated surface. Of course, people with oily skin bind aromatic substances longer. Despite all the rules and tips, I urge you to practice freely and enjoy fragrances thoroughly. There are many guidelines on how to apply fragrance the right way, but, only this way will you find what works best for you. Good luck with experimenting!

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