Pera Granita is a perfume from the Aqua Allegoria line of Guerlain, the iconic French brand that is celebrating its 190th year this year. The Aqua Allegoria collection, launched in 1999, was inspired by the classic Eau de Cologne Imperiale from 1853, with a contrasting blend of freshness and durability. The fragrant essence of the hesperidic fruit – bergamot, a major component of Gerlinade, also known as the green gold of Calabria, a province in Italy noted for growing the highest quality bergamot, serves as the foundation of these perfumes.

pera granita

Let’s see what they say about Guerlain’s Pera Granita perfume:

Aqua Allegoria, a botanical paradise, contributes a new aromatic note to the collection of perfumes inspired by nature. Pera Granita symbolizes the harmony of flowers and fruits in a spring bouquet, awakening the senses with a sparkling and pleasant aroma of citrus notes washed with fresh dew and flower buds drenched in the sun. The enchantment of spring gardens unveils a new circle of awakening. This perfume’s olfactory composition conceals a blend of fruits and flowers. The mix of the freshness of fruits and flowers creates a remarkable trace that is reminiscent of the early morning hours of spring. The enticing perfume combination will transport you to the memorable scents of spring while arousing all of your senses.

Except for the fact that this is a great spring perfume, I agree with everything. Although it is unquestionably appropriate for spring, my olfactory perception says it is ideal for the golden days of autumn.

Pera Granita, like all perfume compositions in the Aqua Allegoria line, is intended to be a fragrant presentation of two notes, in this instance pear and osmanthus. Floral-fruity harmony expertly combines the rich and delectable fruit nectar of pears with beautiful osmanthus, which is rare in modern perfumes. Of course, top-tier osmanthus. Only a few houses can afford it, primarily niche brands, but foremost Guerlain, which has been a guarantor of ingredient quality for nearly 200 years.

The osmanthus’ native region is faraway Japan, and as the weather turns chilly, a sweet, floral aroma wafts through the streets of cities and gardens. Although the flowers of osmanthus are small and soft white, similar to the lily of the valley, the perfume is altogether different, so intense and addictive that it is often referred to as the scent of ten miles. The excellent osmanthus essence has a slightly leathery scent with an apricot aroma, whilst the bad one smells more like overdone jam. I don’t think I need to say how delicious the osmanthus in Pera Granita is. The ingredients are minimal, yet it will color your emotions with all of the pastel colors of fall and brighten your mood like the golden morning rays of the October sun.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: grapefruit, lemon, bergamot; middle notes: pear, osmanthus, orange blossom; base notes: white musk, cedar.

[Fragrance group] fruity floral.

The creator of the perfume is Thierry Wasser.