Mon Guerlain Intense is the newest fragrance from one of the oldest and best perfume houses in the worldGuerlain, which appeared in the fall of 2019. It is part of the Mon Guerlain line, which appeared in 2017 with the Eau de Parfum version and whose brand ambassador was (and still is) well-known Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. She agreed to be the face of this line and brand for both sentimental and practical reasons. Her late mother, like many in old Hollywood, used and adored Guerlain perfumes and makeup. As for the practical purposes, Guerlain paid a considerable amount to charity on her behalf and continued with its ideal of environmentally sustainable development.

Mon Guerlain Intense

In the past few years, since the launch of the first version of Mon Guerlain, several variants have emerged, variations on the same gourmet-fougere theme. Eau de Toilette – which has a bit more spark, freshness, and more attention to the herbal aspect of the original Mon. Florale – which introduced a lovely, gentle, and romantic note of peony and Bloom of Rose – which, as the name implies, added a bouquet of roses to the saga of “the fragrant tattoo of a modern woman”.

Mon Guerlain, as well as its now more potent, intense variant – Mon Guerlain Intense, are the best examples of how contemporary women’s aspirations and demands are embodied in the trends of sweet, gourmand, and floral perfumes. Is it possible to create the successor to the famous Thierry Mugler Angel – like Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Lancome La Vie est Belle, that can be at the same level and potentially go even higher? Every year we are flooded with hundreds of new gourmand perfumes. The backbone of gourmands are notes of chocolate, caramel, candies combined with the synthetic flowers and patchouli, but are made so poorly and unskillfully that one may wonder – it has to be this way. However, Guerlain, and its 200 years of history and experience in perfume making, always show us that we don’t have to be pessimistic about the modern perfume scene. And that it’s possible to take a popular tune, theme, and process it in a sophisticated way, with extraordinary quality, sensuality, and sublime feeling.

Mon Guerlain Intense

The perfume composition of Mon Guerlain Intense is oriental woody, but with a very interesting, refreshing-powdery lavender and coumarin twist, which is especially sensible in the opening of the perfume. As with any Oriental fragrance, there is a megadose of sensual, warm and aphrodisiac vanilla, which no one knows how to use as Guerlain does, since the famous Shalimar perfume from 1925. At Mon Guerlain Intense, it is so intense but not burdensome, it balances perfectly between eat me and don’t eat me, crucial in all perfumes flirting with gourmand notes. At times, a note of marzipan, which is not listed on the manufacturer’s website, seems to stand out. Whether it was added secretly or was it just an olfactory illusion created by mixing vanilla, sandalwood, and lavender, I don’t know, but…I enjoy blissful ignorance. If you’ve ever thought of sniffing Mon Guerlain, wanting a refreshing lavender even fresher, creamy vanilla even more creamy, and woody sandalwood and patchouli notes deeper and more mysterious, there’s Mon Guerlain Intense. It promises everything said on the bottle, your favorite perfume – more intense, potent, and more powerful than ever before.


[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, tangerine; middle notes: lavender, jasmine, vanilla; base notes: sandalwood, musk, patchouli.

[Fragrance group] oriental woody.

Perfumers are Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk.