Mandarine Basilic is a perfume from one of my favorite perfume collections – Aqua Allegoria, by luxury French brand Guerlain that celebrates its 190th birthday this year. The very fact that they’ve lasted this long and not only that but that they have been at the very top of the perfume industry all those years, speaks volumes. The company gave the world some of the best, most genial, quality perfumes from 1828 until today.

Aqua Allegoria collection is special in many ways. I wrote about certain aspects in my review of Pamplelune, the best grapefruit perfume ever made, and I’ll write about other aspects in this text. First of all, perfumes from the Aqua Allegoria collection are very direct and simple but that simplicity, as Coco Chanel used to say, is the sign of elegance and style. It is hard to be eloquent with only a few words. That is something only great thinkers can do and to make a perfume with meaning, purpose and exquisite aesthetic realm with only a few scent notes is something only master perfumers and the best perfume houses, like Guerlain, can achieve.

Mandarine Basilic is pure mandarin, freshly picked and tasted. It perfectly evokes that moment when you peel off the skin and your nose gets sprayed with tiny drops of precious aromatic oil from the fresh skin of the mandarin, only to be followed with the delicious yumminess of the juice itself. The overall olfactive and gustative sensation of picking and tasting this citrus is embodied in Mandarine Basilic perfume. The perfume composition is finished with aromatic notes, most notably basil note. The duet of mandarin and basil dominates this melody dedicated to sunny summer days. The perfume is meant for those days but also every time we want to bring back the magic of summer and the carefree days at the beach. Mandarine is called the scent of a child’s joy and is there really anyone who doesn’t need the additional dose of that feeling every day. That is why I always have Mandarine Basilic in my perfume collection.

[Fragrance notes] mandarin, basil, green tea, amber.

[Fragrance group] citrus aromatic.

Perfume creator is Marie Salamagne.