Eau de Cologne Imperiale is one of the first celebrity perfumes, dating back to 1853 when French house Guerlain made its first steps on a path that will through decades and centuries become the synonym of refinement and good taste both in high perfumery and cosmetics. Guerlain was founded by Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain in 1828 and since then, the world has been richer by some 800 perfume creations that lived their lives to the fullest in women’s boudoirs all over the world. For many Parisians, buying their first Guerlain perfume is an intimate, a bit timid but also an exciting moment of becoming an adult. As if by putting on the perfume, our personality begins to evolve, our dreams and yearnings emanate around us, changing with every wave of the chosen perfume. The key of Guerlain lies in Guerlinade, an all present chord that embodies jasmine, rose, vanilla, tonka and many other ingredients carefully hidden from the eye of the public and jealous competition.

Legend has it that Eau de Cologne Imperiale was made by Pierre Guerlain for Napoleon’s wife Eugenie de Montijo. Her majesty suffered intolerable migraines and since Pierre was already famous for his Eaux de Cologne, light citrusy aromatic colognes that freshened up and made early 19th-century Parisiens’ body and soul light, she decided to find a solution for her problem in bespoke perfume, custom made by maestro Guerlain. Eau de Cologne Imperiale surpassed  its predecessors,  Eau de Cologne Superieure, Eau de Cologne Royale, won the emperess heart and like a storm took over Europe and brought Pierre the title of “her majestie’s official perfumist.”

Eau de Cologne Imperial is refreshing, some would say the even soothing mixture of bergamot, lemon, orange, lavender, rosemary and tonka. The bottle, the famous bee bottle that is now Guerlain’s trademark, was made by virtue Pochet & Du Corval who, in order to give royal motives to the bottle, turned into glass  Napoleon the Third’s favorite symbol – the top of Vendome column encrusted with gold bees. In order to satisfy the taste of both Napoleon and Eugenie, the bottle had to embody the luxury of ancient Rome and the symbols of Meroving dynasty. When he accomplished that, nothing was standing in the way of young perfumist Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain in his quest to conquer the world. And he did that silently and unnoticeable, not by conquering their bodies but more importantly, their hearts.

[Fragrance notes] neroli, verbena, bergamot, lemon, orange, lavender, rosemary, cedar, tonka.

[Fragrance group] citrus aromatic.

Perfume creator is Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain.

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