Black Perfecto is a flanker of La Petit Robe Noire (Little Black Dress) line of perfumes that luxury brand Guerlain released in August 2017.  Over the past few years, we had the opportunity to have fun with numerous variations of the smoky, sexy cherry theme, the signature mark of the LPRN. This time, good people of Guerlain, or more precisely Thierry Wasser, went a step further and made a kinky treat that even the most perfect New York cheese cake couldn’t resist.

Leather jacket…blood-red lipstick…conquering attitude…and what perfume? Black Perfecto of course. Notes of almond, skin and a mixture of best quality rose essences from all over the world make this perfume both full of character and perversely sensual. Who could resist the mouth-watering accord of cherry and almond and the accord of rose and leather that inspires to…let’s say further sniffing.


Guerlain gave Black Perfecto a subtitle – Eau Florale, because of the rose essences. At the top of a fragrance pyramid is rose water that gives softness and floral background to the juiciness of the cherry. In the middle is the essential oil of rosa centrifolia balanced skillfully with almond note that, unlike most of the perfumes where it has the effect of an expensive soap, is so organic and crisp and crunchy we can almost taste it. As we go deeper in the perfume composition, the rose is getting stronger, darker and mysterious like Ravel’s Bolero. The melody is repetitive but stronger with each turn, getting deeper and deeper in our being, bringing us to the ecstatic climax embodied in the  Grass rose absolute, energizing black tea and animalistic leather that unleashes the passion. Just like the perfume itself, the lady that wears it is not an ordinary rose. The beauty comes with a price. Careless suitor, who tries to pluck it and confines it instead of admiring it, will feel the prick of the thorn. The rose opens up only to the chosen ones.

The bottle is one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful in the entire La Petit Robe Noire collection. The jet-black makes you feel like you’re holding the magic potion. A drop of that potion can change a man’s destiny. My recommendation… wear it on autumn evenings. Combine it with leather jacket or pants (of underwear, why the hell not) and you will be…Perfecto!

[Fragrance notes] top notes: rose water, amareno cherry; middle notes: rose, almond; base notes: rose absolute, black tea, musk.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral. Review for my favorite Guerlain perfume can be seen HERE. Video for the perfume can be seen on Guerlain’s official YT channel.

Perfume creator Thierry Wasser

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Have you tried Black Perfecto? What’s your favorite Guerlain perfume?