Guilty Absolute is the first male fragrance made in 2017 as a result of collaboration between Gucci’s new creative director Alessandro Michele and famous perfumer Alberto Morillas. The idea was to create a “new patchouli” that was very popular during the 1970s. Allessandro’s creative yearning is to give the old seventies chic a new, modern twist and Guilty Absolute is the scent equivalent to that fashion course. For this purpose, they used two synthetic leather-woody aroma chemicals called Woodleather and Goldenwood. Combined with extremely masculine vetiver and patchouli they made a perfume that according to them is an avant-garde creation for the men of the new era and a future classic.

The truth couldn’t be different. Guilty Absolute has nothing new to offer. It is not avant-garde. It is not modern. It is not revolutionary. It is not artistic. It is nothing. It doesn’t even smell beautiful, which is a perfume axiom.  Basically, this is the case of classical perfume base, raw and plain. Perfumist layer perfume base with middle and upper notes, making scented harmony. In Gucci Guilty Absolute there is no harmony, just plain, unsullied perfume base that someone tried to sell as a perfume, something like Geza Schoen and Molecule 01. The only difference is that Geza watered down the essence of Iso e Super to the point it smells nice and pleasant. That is something people from Gucci did not dignify us with.

Gucci Guilty Absolute is a perfume equivalent to modern artistic gibberish when a painter instead of painting throws colors, brushes, and water together on the canvas and calls it art. It could be an end of an untalented artist but then critics appear, those that have art in their blood in the same amount as the anemic person has iron and who call this meaningless, pointless piece as avant-garde and revolutionary. The only revolution here is the evolution of stupidity beyond any measure. I’m just waiting for some perfume house to present something like Merda d’Artista by Piero Manzoni. I’d like to finish my review with two words: missed platform.

[Fragrance notes] leather, wood, patchouli, vetiver.

[Fragrance group] woody oriental. The ad for Guilty Absolute can be seen HERE.

Perfume creator is Alberto Morillas.

[Perfume profiling] introverted 20% extroverted 80% rational 80% emotional 20%

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