Bloom is the newest perfume by Gucci brand that appeared in 2017. New creative director Alessandro Michele and famous “nose” Alberto Morillas decided to freshen up Gucci’s perfume collection with two unusual editions, for the brand but also for entire designer line. They’ve made a bigger step with male perfume (if you can call it like that because the basic assumption is that to smell good) Gucci Guilty Absolute, and then with retro Bloom perfume,

Gucci Bloom has a soliflore composition that, as the name says, consists of only one flower, in this case, tuberose. Of course, in reality perfumes don’t have only one ingredient and in soliflore’s case, it’s the question of mixing the scent notes in a way that only one stands out. In Gucci Bloom fragrance tuberose is backed by jasmine and Rangoon Creeper ivy or Chinese honeysuckle (Combretum Indicum) that was allegedly never used in perfume industry.  This interesting flower is growing in tropical areas of Vietnam, Burma, and Thailand and with its opulent scent and color that changes daily from white to pink and finally red, it attracts both insects and people.

Tuberose’s characteristic is its peculiar, heavy scent that people either love or loathe. That highly polarizing effect doesn’t stop with tuberose scent note since Gucci Bloom soliflore composition also divides people, like a jingle that we hear on the radio that we either hum or it annoys us every time we hear it. My first reaction to Gucci Bloom was negative, an overdose of floral juices that immediately prompted a desire for something fresh and green, like cis-3-hexyl or triplal which is odd since creative director Alessandro Michele said that he “wanted a scent that will transport you immediately to a garden full of flowers and greens.” But it went into my nose, ear, mind…Now I’m glad I gave it another chance because I believe it is one of the better novelties this fall.

If you pick this perfume be careful because with Gucci Bloom it’s all about the art of applying the fragrance. Too little will cause nausea, to much a headache. If you put it in the too warm room you will smell like the inside of flower ship and in too cold room, it will smell like an ice cream which best to date has expired. But with the right temperature and in right conditions…you will smell heavenly. I would suggest you use it only during long walks when the temperature is between 10 to 25 C.

The way the perfume was presented is surprising. “Garden as beautiful as women: with many colors, wild, different, full of everything. Gucci Bloom embodies this garden to attract you to a place that no longer exists.” But there is no garden. It’s about one flower, tuberose. Not only that entire Gucci Bloom is focused on it but also the entire perfume industry as it is the most expensive ingredient in the world, destined by a subtle and refined method of enfleurage. It you like tuberose and perfumes like Dyptique Do Son or Frederic Malle Carnal Flower, be sure to try Gucci Bloom next time you visit your favorite perfume shop.

[Fragrance notes] tuberose, jasmine, Chinese honeysuckle.

[Fragrance group] floral. The ad for Gucci Bloom can be seen on Gucci official YT channel and the list of top three perfumes apart from Bloom, which appeared in September, can be found HERE.

Perfume creator is Alberto Morillas.

[Perfume profiling] introverted 20% extroverted 80% rational 10% emotional 90%

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