Breath of God is a perfume by Gorilla, a niche brand that originated from a worldwide cosmetic chain known for its fragrant products: soaps, baths, but also great, but inexpensive perfumes – LUSH. Before the creation of the Gorilla brand, whose very name indicates a guerrilla approach to creation, which is characterized by unconventionality and creativity, many famous LUSH perfumes, including Breath of God, were part of the B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful brand. So, don’t be surprised if you find fragrances of the same (specific) name on the internet but from different brands…it’s just a name change, everything else is still under the roof of LUSH.

Breath of God

The story of Breath of God is very unusual and symbolic. They say that the creator of the perfume – Simon Constantine, created it by pairing two trendy perfumes called Inhale and Exhale. Inhale, a juicy, fruity floral fragrance and Exhale, a sharp blend of incense and wood, are all combined into one cacophonic whole, but which, despite its seemingly chaotic structure, still has harmony and meaning, like the universe itself has.

When viewed in this way, the name Breath of God truly describes this perfume because it puts before us all the emanations of the Divine, all matter and all that is created. As the apocryphal gospel tells us, we can find God in everything and everyone, not just in the church, and the sage Bela Hamvas points out in his Philosophy of Wine, that he can even be found in the smile of a beautiful girl or a delicious bite. This world is given to us to enjoy, and Breath of God offers us an ecstatic vision of everything the fragrant world has to offer. Everything is connected in this world, though it doesn’t seem so at first glance. Just like in Breath of God, at first glance, bubble gum and incense may seem like there is nothing to bring them together, connect and make sense of it, but let this cult perfume take the blindfold off your eyes and nose.

My enthusiasm for Breath of God perfume could not be diminished even by the personal aversion to melon, which is one of the primary, central fragrance notes. It is as if Simon Constantine was able to filter out all those (to me) torturously sweet moments that this fruit bears while still preserving its essence. In juxtaposition with delicious fruit, stands the mystical incense, always used for spiritual purposes. Like two pillars stand these two notes, symbolizing matter and spirit, and between them, the boundless expanse of creation embodied in the unique chords of vetiver and cedar, rose and pepper, lemon, and juniper. With Breath of God, you can have the whole world in the palm of your hand…or rather at the wrist of your hand.

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[Fragrance notes] cedarwood, rose, vetiver, lemon, grapefruit, ylang-ylang, pepper, juniper, incense, neroli, sandalwood.

[Fragrance group] woody oriental.

Perfume creator is Simon Constantine.