Nude is the newest flanker by Dahlia Divin sub-line of Dahlia perfume line by famous haute couture House of Givenchy. Is your head spinning? Mine too. In a hurry to keep up with the competition, smart heads of Givenchy launched yet another perfume that promises it will unite with your skin, enhance its natural and personal scent trail, make it great and sensual…STOP! The only thing this perfume promises and I would add guarantees is that if you wear it no one, not even your lawfully bound partner will not want to be NUDE with you.

Dahlia Divin Nude has a very linear scent that is reminiscent of cheap body milk. In a world where we can smell of anything (including cat fur, check out Demeter Kitten Fur), I refuse to accept the fact that someone paid 100 Euros to smell like “2 for 1 for 199 rsd by the end of the month” body lotion.

I am trying to imagine a creative process behind this perfume. Where to start? Why not from what every perfume has: musk, jasmine…but what to add…why not fruits, they are so trendy now. A touch of aldehyde C-14, then some C-18, no, wait, a bit more C-14, and some more C-18…In reality, that process looked like this: A dude in a suit walked in Firmenich, asked for something fruity, saw SER128533865XX and bought it for 100k. Thank you and goodbye. He gets back into his car, goes to Givenchy, enters the marketing department, throws the sample on the table and says: You have 48 hours to come up with an idea how to sell this bollocks (pardon my French, just quoting the Dude). Marketing brains start to work and already you can see the shape of a model bathing in sunlight, softly whispering “Only for fashionable women who know what they want.” In a nutshell.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: apricot; middle notes: jasmine, osmanthus; base notes: musk.

[Fragrance group] fruity floral.

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