Grey Flannel is a cult perfume by the fashion house Geoffrey Beene that appeared back in 1975. Few perfumes have had such a profound and extensive impact on the perfume industry as Grey Flannel had. Unpretentious, and some would say a little harsh, it still became part of the history of great masculine fragrances. This success is further emphasized by its very acceptable and surprisingly low price.

grey flannel

In the decade in which it appeared, in the seventies of the twentieth century, it almost transcended time because it was both modern and avant-garde, on the one hand, and retro and reminiscent of the classics that came decades before it, on the other. Its influence is compared by many to Dior Fahrenheit and Davidoff Cool Water. There is no doubt that the trend of green floral perfumes like Chanel no 19 from 1971 and modern aldehydes like Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche also influenced the creation of Grey Flannel to some extent. I mean GF of the past, given the numerous reformulations that this perfume has undergone over the years. The sad fate of many perfumes from that time, perhaps the most tragic is that of another Yves Saint Laurent, none other than the famous Opium.

The impression that Grey Flannel leaves is like that traditionally masculine man, hard and sharp initially, but over time when the warrior’s mask falls off, it reveals its gentle, even romantic side.

The opening of the Grey Flannel perfume is exceptionally sharp, loud, unignorable, similar to Versace Dreamer or Piguet Bandit. A mixture of bitter green galbanum and fresh soapy aldehydes is ideal for waking up early in the morning, as it shakes the senses like cold water from a stream in the middle of a forest. Then follows a gentle blend of violet and musk, as if you were bathed in expensive and refined soap, the best money can buy. There is nothing seductive here, no last thoughts, but it seems that this was not the plan when Andre Fromentin created this fragrance. Grey Flannel does not exist for others. It exists only for the one who wears it, to have in the perfume the perfect equivalent of his nature, and to support him in his daily activities. Simplicity, unpretentiousness, and measured style. A refreshing approach in a world where conspicuousness and eccentricity are considered ideal.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: lemon, orange, bergamot, petitgrain, galbanum; middle notes: violet, iris, sage, rose, geranium, fern; base notes: oakmoss, tonka, cedar, sandalwood, musk.

[Fragrance group] oriental woody.

Perfume creator is Andre Fromentin.

grey flannel