Noir Epices review

Many believe that it was Frederic Malle who brought art back to the world of perfumes. For more than thirty years, Malle has been dedicatedly working with the best perfumers in the world and giving them all the support, financial and conceptual, to express their perfume spirit and vision through innovative and seductive perfume formulas. The end result is exceptional perfumes and we can freely say – modern classics. Noir Epices is one of them.

Smells like Christmas magic

What I like the most in the opening of Noir Epices is the perfect conjunction of orange, geranium, and rose. Each note is easily recognized, but they also create a new, special whole that is more beautiful than each note individually. Kind of like an allegory of a good society, when everyone receives something from the other, but still remains an individual. The final impression is like a sweet, intoxicating and infinitely comforting mulled wine with spices that makes cold winter days bearable and even romantic.

mulled wine

Noir Epices is all that modern perfumes want to be but are not. Beautiful from start to finish, juicy and dry at the same time, sweet and spicy, flirts with the urban fusion of taste, aroma, culture, but with a clear artistic direction that always keeps it grounded and relatable. This is hardly surprising, since behind the creative direction is Frederic Malle, creator of the cult perfumes like Musc Ravageur, Carnal Flower, Dans Tes Bras, Superstitious, and many others, and behind the perfume composition – Michel, the son of the legendary perfumer Edmond Roudnitska, from whom he inherited a huge amount of talent and knowledge.

Noir Epices is made for the perfect gentleman

Even in the part where spices and woody notes prevail, there is nothing dark or noir about it. True, it’s a deep, profound fragrance; I can’t image a teen obsessed with “top 10 lists of sexy perfumes” wearing it. Noir Epices is the perfect combination of elegance and sophistication, and it would be ideal for someone with flawless manners and a strong personality (strong like a medically sharp clove in the middle notes). If all of this isn’t enough to persuade you to sample or buy Noir Epices, consider this: it’s a favorite perfume of Catherine Deneuve and all those former hippies who have grown up, married, and have nice jobs while maintaining a patchouli-infused free spirit. Hats off!

[Fragrance notes] top notes: orange, rose, geranium; middle notes: nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, pepper; base notes: patchouli, cedar, sandalwood.

[Fragrance group] woody-spicy.

The creator of the perfume is Michel Roudnitska.

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