Frapin 1270 review

Frapin 1270 is a unisex perfume by the famous French niche perfume house Frapin, which is primarily known for the production of cognac. The name of the perfume has a symbolic and historical meaning because that is when this house was created. Centuries of tradition and enjoyment of the most beautiful charms of life surrounded by the sun and vineyards inspired Beatrice Cointreau to create a masterpiece for Frapin in 1270.

frapin 1270

This is the smell of quiet hedonism. It does not need a luxurious space, a lot of people, sensation, intoxication of all the senses.

This is the scent of a small room, full of history and golden rays of the sun that illuminates a semi-darkened personal corner. A glass of cognac in his hand, a favorite book from long journeys open on the table. A picture of a man who enjoys the sophisticated and warm notes of dried fruit rising from his skin.

Journey to the East

After the first notes, which strengthened a person with the most delicious fruits, cocoa, and coffee, the central notes lead us to the Far East. Just like an adventure like the main character from the book. Oriental spices excite the mind, like the first encounter with the oriental market, full of strange and exotic things that you have never tried before. Honey, vanilla, spicy spices develop uncontrollably on the skin, like an Asian dish that surprises with every bite with its intertwining but the perfect combination of spices and aromas. At the very end of the market, there is a garden, bright and airy that attracts with refreshing notes of lemonwood and flowers, a perfect counterpoint to oriental spices.

The perfume is unisex, lasts for several hours on the skin, has a medium aura and sillage, is more intended for personal or intimate enjoyment, than as a crowd-pleaser for going out. Wear it on autumn mornings, winter days, summer nights, and enjoy the mystery that this perfume subtly offers.

1270 bottle

The bottle is made of heavy glass that mimics the shape of a glass of cognac. The wooden stopper contributes to the impression of staying in an old wine cellar full of history and lucid conversations.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: orange, cocoa, coffee, pineapple, plum; middle notes: tonka, honey, hazelnut, spices; base notes: leather, vanilla, cedar.

[Fragrance group] oriental spicy.

The creator of the perfume is Sidonie Lancesseur.