This is the scent of silent hedonism. It doesn’t need luxury space, fancy crowded party, sensations, and intoxication of the senses. This is the scent of a small and charming room, full of history and the golden sun rays that shine through dusky personal space. A glass of cognac in the hand, favourite book from the distant travels on a table and a man who enjoys sophisticated and warm notes of dried fruits that rise from his skin.

After the first notes which nourish with most delicious fruit, cocoa and coffee, heart notes lead his thoughts to the Far East, to adventures not unlike the ones from the book. Oriental spices excite his mind just like the first encounter with the oriental bazaar, full of strange and exotic and mysterious things. Honey, vanilla, and spices develop unrestrained on the skin like Asian dishes that with every bite give us amazing joy of perplexed gustatory and olfactory sensations. At the end of the bazaar, there is a garden, bright and translucent emanating refreshing notes of lime trees and flowers, a perfect counterpoint to the oriental market and spices. Take a trip with this perfume; it will be a nose-changing adventure.

This perfume is unisex, lasting a few hours on the skin. It has a solid aura and silage, but it’s more dedicated to the personal or intimate enjoyment, not as a crowd pleaser. Wear it in autumn mornings, winter days, and summer nights and enjoy the mysteries that this subtle fragrance offers.