Rosewood is one of those fragrance ingredients that can be perfumes just by themselves, like osmanthus. Its essential oil has a beautiful, complex fragrance, and as in the classic pyramid structure of the perfume, you can almost feel the citrus freshness, floral heart, and woody base. Therefore, it is unsurprising that its unique, warm, and woody scent is highly sought after in modern perfumery.


Rosewood (Palisander, Rosewood) grows in the wilds of Amazonia. Its attractive red wood has long been used in the furniture industry and is considered one of the more luxurious materials. Moreover, its extract, i.e., its essential oil, has been used since ancient times, even in ancient Egypt and Rome.

The rose tree is a symbol of kindness and a good heart

Traditionally, rosewood is used as a romantic material for the love ornaments of fine jewelry boxes, musical instruments, and luxury furniture. At the same time, its shiny pink bark becomes a source of inspiration for the design of lipstick shades.
At one time, the production of this sensually fragrant essential oil was most widespread in Mexico, Guyana, and Brazil. Hundreds of tons of this romantic essential oil were produced until the middle of the 20th century.

Later, rosewood from the forests of Mexico and Guyana was protected by law.

Today, a far smaller amount of real, authentic rosewood oil is produced in Brazil. It is often called Brazilian rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) and is used exclusively for obtaining essential oil. Since it takes many trees to make a small amount of rosewood oil, this perfume material is prized and rare.

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Rosewood essential oil is mainly used in fine perfumery, specifically in creating seductive, delicate floral perfume compositions. It provides them with a natural and deep sweet aroma with woody undertones. In addition, Rosewood oil is high in linalool, a molecule that can be converted into various lucrative derivatives in the flavor and fragrance industries.

Until 1960, rw oil was an essential source of natural linalool. However, this use has largely disappeared with the advent of synthetic linalool.

Rosewood essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the stem and sometimes the leaf of the rosewood.

It has a tremendous impact on the human nervous system. The individual who wears it usually displays carefree thoughts and enjoys themselves. Rosewood oil’s calming influence makes individuals more receptive to appreciating all the beautiful things around them and has a harmonizing and relaxing effect on the mind. Traditionally, essential oils have been used to relieve stress and boost the immune system.

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Perfumers adore the effect rosewood has on the wearer. It evolves with time. This scent has everything from the sparkling freshness of citrus to the soft touch of florals to the warm woody base.

It makes for an intriguing composition when blended with vetiver, guaiac, lemon, mandarin, geranium, and lavender. It is also featured as a base note in floral or fruity chypre and fougere perfumes, bringing naturalness, depth, and a hint of luxury.

Perfumes with rosewood: