In the world of fragrances, the pomelo note weaves a tale of exquisite citrus delight, a symphony of tart, tangy, and sweet that dances on the olfactory senses. This luscious fruit, the largest and most enigmatic member of the citrus family, has been carefully cultivated for centuries to yield its unique essence, which perfumers use as a key ingredient to compose fragrances that enchant and captivate. Pomelo’s invigorating aroma, with its tantalizing blend of grapefruit’s effervescence and the subtle, green undertones of mandarin, unfurls like a fragrant fanfare, awakening the senses and leaving an indelible impression of an irresistible, sun-drenched paradise.


The pomelo (Citrus maxima) is a large citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia. It is a close relative of the grapefruit, but don’t be fooled by this association – the pomelo has a character all its own. As a perfume note, the pomelo often takes a backseat to its more popular citrus siblings, such as the lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit. However, the pomelo is a hidden gem, and I’m eager to sing its praises to those who have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing its unique charms.

The pomelo’s fragrance profile is a fascinating blend of sweet, tart, and bitter elements with a subtle floral undercurrent. It possesses an innate freshness that is undeniably invigorating. But the real magic of the pomelo note lies in its versatility, seamlessly weaving itself into various olfactory compositions, adding depth and a touch of the unexpected.

Now, let’s dive into some exceptional fragrances featuring the Pomelo note:

Atelier Cologne – Pomélo Paradis

Atelier Cologne’s Pomélo Paradis is, in my opinion, the quintessential pomelo-centric fragrance. Bursting with freshness, this perfume opens with a vibrant pomelo note masterfully blended with sweet mandarin and blackcurrant. The fragrance’s heart features a delicate dance of Moroccan orange blossom, Bulgarian rose, and Chinese mint, adding a touch of floral elegance. The base, composed of Haitian vetiver, amber, and iris, lends an earthy, sensual quality that rounds out the composition beautifully. Pomélo Paradis is a citrus lover’s dream – refreshing, sophisticated, and utterly captivating.

Open Sky Byredo

A sensory adventure awaits with Open Sky Byredo, a fragrance that transports you to the uncharted expanses of the heavens. This celestial masterpiece perfume captures the essence of freedom with notes of lush palm leaves, earthy vetiver, and crisp black pepper. Aromatic hints of hemp and a touch of zesty pomelo invite you to spread your wings and embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of the earth, leaving behind the familiar as you soar into the great unknown.

Osmanthus Ormonde Jayne

Delight in the enchanting embrace of Osmanthus Ormonde Jayne, a perfume that captures the allure of the East with a radiant bouquet of delicate flowers. This olfactory gem features the mesmerizing osmanthus blossom, known for its exquisite apricot, pomelo and tea-like nuances, alongside enchanting jasmine and heady, warm notes of papyrus and frankincense. As the fragrance unfolds, it conjures up visions of serene gardens and ancient temples, inviting you to lose yourself in a world of exquisite tranquility and timelessness.

Dom Rosa Les Liquides Imaginaires

Succumb to the intoxicating allure of Dom Rosa Les Liquides Imaginaires, a fragrance inspired by the opulence and mystique of ancient cathedrals. This divine potion weaves a captivating tale of rose, champagne, pomelo and incense, invoking the splendor of sacred rituals and celestial choirs. A whisper of smoky leather adds a touch of earthly sensuality, transforming this olfactory masterpiece into a divine ambrosia that bridges the gap between the mortal realm and the heavens above.

Omnia Pink Sapphire Bvlgari

Let your spirit soar with the luminous and vivacious Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bvlgari, a perfume that sparkles with the brilliance of precious gemstones. This radiant elixir fuses the effervescence of pink pomelo with the sweet allure of pink pepper and the creamy sensuality of white musk. The result is a sparkling olfactory tapestry that captures the essence of joy, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and bathing your senses in a kaleidoscope of vibrant, exhilarating hues.

Tumultu Les Liquides Imaginaires

Unleash the tempestuous power of Tumultu Les Liquides Imaginaires, a fragrance that captures the untamed spirit of the sea. This scent surges forth with an invigorating wave of marine notes, swirling together with the bracing aroma of sea salt, pomelo and the intoxicating allure of ambergris. As the storm subsides, the soft whisper of sandalwood lingers on the skin, leaving behind a mysterious, sensual trail that evokes the raw, untamed beauty of the ocean’s depths.

Dirty Velvet Vilhelm Parfumerie

Step into a world of dark seduction with Dirty Velvet Vilhelm Parfumerie, a fragrance that invites you to explore the shadows and uncover the unexpected. This scent weaves a complex tapestry of earthy vetiver, smooth tobacco, and spicy pink pepper, enveloped in a velvety blanket of fig, pomelo, and bergamot. Dirty Velvet is an olfactory invitation to explore the hidden corners of your desires, a scent that lures you into its captivating embrace with each beguiling whiff.

Champs Lunaires Rogue Perfumery

Embrace the ethereal beauty of the moonlit night with Champs Lunaires Rogue Perfumery, a perfume that transports you to a realm of silvery dreams and nocturnal enchantment. This olfactory ode to lunar landscapes features a delicate symphony of jasmine, tuberose, and heliotrope, illuminated by the shimmering glow of bergamot, pomelo and the cool caress of the iris. As Champs Lunaires unfolds, it reveals a tender heart of sandalwood and amber, casting an otherworldly spell that lingers in the air like a whispered lullaby, inviting you to surrender to the mysteries of the night.

Mistral Patchouli Atelier Cologne

Immerse yourself in the elemental embrace of Mistral Patchouli Atelier Cologne, a fragrance inspired by the untamed beauty of the Mediterranean coast. This perfume captures the essence of the legendary Mistral wind, blending the earthy allure of patchouli with the invigorating freshness of grapefruit, pomelo and the bracing marine notes of sea spray. As the scent unfolds, it reveals a sophisticated heart of black pepper, star anise, and geranium, evoking the sensation of sun-drenched shores and the windswept serenity of a secluded coastal haven.