The velvety richness of plums holds a revered place in the world of perfumery, their succulent and intoxicating aroma exuding an air of sophistication and depth. As a perfume note, the juicy, dark plum effortlessly melds with an array of complementary essences, creating a luxurious tapestry of scents that dazzle and bewitch. From the lush gardens of medieval courts to the modern ateliers of master perfumers, the sensual, enigmatic allure of plums has captivated hearts and imaginations, leaving an indelible mark on the history of perfumery.


Picture yourself in a lush, verdant orchard on a crisp autumn day. The trees are laden with ripe, juicy plums, their purple and red skins glistening under the sunlight. The air is filled with the scent of fruit, earth, and leaves, creating a symphony of olfactory delight. This is where our journey into the world of plum notes begins.

The plum note in perfumery is an enchanting, multifaceted ingredient. Its unique combination of sweet, tart, and slightly spicy nuances makes it a versatile and captivating element in various compositions. The plum’s rich, almost velvety aroma can lend itself to both feminine and masculine fragrances, adding depth and sensuality to the mix.

There are many variations of the plum note, each with its own unique character. The sugar plum, for instance, has a candied sweetness that adds a delectable gourmand touch to fragrances. On the other hand, the Damson plum boasts a more tart and tangy aroma, which can create an intriguing contrast when paired with warmer, spicier notes.

One of the earliest and most iconic fragrances to feature the plum note is Yves Saint Laurent’s “Opium” (1977). This oriental-spicy classic showcases plum’s seductive allure, intertwining it with myrrh, spices, and sandalwood to create an intoxicating olfactory experience. The plum note here adds a dark, opulent fruitiness that elevates the entire composition.

Tom Ford‘s “Plum Japonais” (2013) has been a standout example of the plum note’s versatility in recent years. This luxurious fragrance marries the sweet and tart aspects of Japanese ume plum with a delectable cinnamon, saffron, and oud blend. The result is a sophisticated, modern scent that exudes both elegance and exoticism.

Some other fantastic perfumes that feature this alluring note are:

Christian Dior – Poison (1985)

A legendary, controversial scent that has gained a cult following. Its unique combination of plum, tuberose, and incense creates a bewitching and polarizing fragrance that is both seductive and empowering.

Guerlain – Mitsouko (1919)

A timeless chypre masterpiece that features a subtle hint of plums, blending seamlessly with peach, spices, and mossy notes. Its understated elegance and refined complexity make it a timeless classic.

Jo Malone – Plum Blossom (2012)

This limited-edition fragrance captures plum blossoms’ delicate, ephemeral beauty with a harmonious blend of yellow plums, white musk, and sandalwood. It’s a soft, feminine, and delightful scent that is perfect for spring.

Serge Lutens – Féminité du Bois (1992)

A ground-breaking and sophisticated composition that juxtaposes the sweetness of plums with the earthy, woody notes of cedar and sandalwood. Its multifaceted character is both enchanting and seductive.

Bond No. 9 – Andy Warhol Silver Factory (2007)

A daring and modern tribute to the iconic artist, this fragrance features a delicious plums accord surrounded by incense, amber, and violet. It’s a bold and captivating scent that exudes creativity and flair.

Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb (2005)

A delightful hint of plum adds a touch of playfulness and depth to this explosive floral bouquet. Its fruity nuance brings an extra dimension to the otherwise overtly floral character of the fragrance.

Bottega Veneta – Eau Sensuelle (2016)

A sensual and refined floriental that combines juicy plums, pink pepper, and jasmine to create an elegant and alluring scent. Its smooth, velvety texture is both comforting and seductive.

By Kilian – Forbidden Games (2012)

This intoxicating gourmand fragrance features a luscious plums note alongside peach, apple, and cinnamon. The resulting scent is a delectable, playful, and irresistible olfactory treat.