Peach (Prunus persica), in addition to being a favorite summer fruit for many, is also one of the best and sought after fragrance notes in the perfume industry. Peach is fresh, juicy, and delicate. It gained a little more popularity in women’s perfume compositions, especially those summer ones that evoke sensuality and sex appeal. This should not surprise us because throughout history and literature, just like today’s famous icons and smilies, peach has always been associated with an erotic charge.


Peach originates from China, where since the time before Christ, it has been known as an exclusive fruit, available only to the highest strata of society. The Chinese showed particular respect for the flower and the tree because they believed that it protected them from evil and drove away bad luck. For the Chinese, the peach symbolizes a long life because it blooms even before the first leaves appear. In some myths, it is even said that just tasting the fruit gives immortality and eternal youth.

Alexander the Great brought peaches to Europe after the conquest of Persia, and that is why they called it “Persian apple”. It was later named peach after the French word “peche”. During the 17th century, peaches arrived in America through Spanish researchers. It became so popular in the 18th century and appreciated that it was a favorite dessert of many prominent statesmen and was served on a beautiful, embroidered handkerchief.

Today there are over 700 varieties of this fruit. Depending on the type, its aroma can vary from sweet to sour, more or less juicy. Peach has long been appreciated for its unique, delicate characteristics, sweet smell with a hint of acidity, and extraordinary taste. It was not until the 19th century that peaches began to be used for commercial purposes. China is still the largest producer of this delicious fruit, but neither Italy nor California lags.

Peach quickly found application in alternative medicine and aromatherapy. Its sweet and unique, juicy aroma is appreciated in the culinary world, especially in the confectionery world. The most fragrant part of the peach is its soft and velvety skin. Another interesting fact is that white peach has a much more intense and sweeter smell than other peach types.

This aromatic and delicious fruit was an inspiration to many famous perfumers. Irresistible and intense, the fragrant summer note reminds us of the sea, ice cream, and beautiful fillings for various cakes and cookies. Its fresh, slightly sour undertone gives it a fantastic harmony with the delicious and aphrodisiac dominant note. The peach essential oil cannot be made, so the perfume industry mainly uses a synthetically created note. The intense peach scent is obtained thanks to the high lactone concentration, especially in the fruit fallen from the tree, delta-lactone, and gamma-lactone. The most famous synthetic peach scent is the so-called Aldehyde C14.


The synthetically obtained scent of peach inexorably resembles a ripe, freshly picked fruit full of juicy taste and aroma, with a coconut hint. It is best used in floral and fruity fragrances. It creates an incredible harmony with its slightly milky and creamy texture in perfume compositions, the most famous being Mitsouko by Guerlain.

An exciting and to many a favorite combination in perfumes is the combination of peach with vanilla or coconut. Combined with vanilla and coconut, you can’t escape the summery, seductive moment you feel on your body. This blend is reminiscent of summer cocktails and beach parties. However, in combination with spicy notes like cinnamon, peach has a completely different feel, warmer, milder, and almost nostalgic.

The lush, almost edible peach scent is dominant in many well-known perfumes, and the very thought of a person smelling like it awakens the forces of Eros and invites closer contact.

Perfumes with a prominent peachy note: