Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) oil, which is most often used in the perfume industry, is obtained by steam distillation of long leaves of this large and exotic tree. You may know that koalas love to doze on eucalyptus branches, but they also love to enjoy its fresh and airy aroma. Eucalyptus comes to us from Australia and Tasmania, where the eucalyptus tree covers even more than three-quarters of the forest area.


That eucalyptus is a famous tree in Australia is evidenced by the data that even Aboriginal people used it for medical purposes and for making musical instruments from wood. In alternative medicine, eucalyptus is present as an excellent remedy for fever and lowering body temperature.

More than 700 species of euc trees grow in all parts of the world with subtropical and tropical climates. In some areas, its invasive expansion and growth threaten to endanger native plant species, and its impact on the environment is often questioned.

It is also interesting that the eucalyptus tree is adapted to frequent fires in Australia. Namely, deep at the root of the tree, the shoots are dormant, which will germinate under the influence of hormones triggered by the heat of the fire. Therefore, it survives even in the most extreme conditions.

In aromatherapy, eucalyptus is readily used to raise mood, mental exhaustion, and lift the human spirit. Its incredible healing power is best told in the story of an English sailor who accidentally cut off his thumb during Australia’s colonization. The village residents where the event took place advised him to wrap a eucalyptus leaf around his finger and wound. Later, when the surgeon looked at both the finger and the wound, he was amazed at the healing in such a short time.


The production of eucalyptus essential oil dates back to the 19th century. Although there are several producers today, Australian eucalyptus oil still has the highest quality and price. Some cheaper variants can be found in Spain and Portugal are more used for commercial purposes. However, those with a refined taste for quality and fragrance prefer to opt for quality Australian eucalyptus oil.

Except in the perfume industry, eucalyptus essential oil is widely used in cosmetics, aromatherapy, and alternative medicine. It opens the airways and cleanses your mind, heart, and entire body. This is precisely how eucalyptus affects the person who wears it in the form of perfume. It awakens, purifies, and stabilizes the nervous system.

Eucalyptus is quite common in perfumery. Its fresh, intense, and airy fragrant note can also be found in modern perfume compositions by renowned perfume manufacturers.

Implementing eucalyptus into a perfume can be a challenge because its strength and intensity can quickly become so dominant that they can destroy the harmony of other notes in the fragrance. Experienced perfumers still know how to get the best out of euc. It is most commonly used as a middle note in perfumes to which it gives a lemony, fresh fragrant camphor-like note with a clean, marine aspect. However, it can destroy other aromatic notes if overdone and even give them an unpleasant naphthalene-like odor.

Green, intense and sharp eucalyptus with a dose of sweetness sometimes resembles resinous and woody fragrant notes. It easily conquers all your senses and is loved by members of both sexes.

It is often added to perfume compositions to mask specific fragrant notes and special effects in some aromatic accords. Although it is mostly used in the production of industrial and low-budget perfumes, with experienced connoisseurs of fragrances, eucalyptus can be a real treasure in colognes, men’s and women’s green and aromatic perfume compositions that exude exoticism and sea freshness.

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