Cucumber is a crisp and refreshing fragrant note frequently used in perfumes to create a cooling and relaxing effect. It is a popular choice for summer perfumes as perfumes with a dominant cucumber scent provide a feeling of refreshment, particularly on hot summer days. It has a delicate and light smell that is mainly green with a tiny tinge of watermelon sweetness. It is frequently combined with other fresh, green notes like lemongrass, galbanum, and herbs to give a natural vibe that is perfect for walking or outdoor activity.


Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a member of the gourd-pumpkin family, and its origins can be traced back to South Asia. It is now one of the world’s most popular and widely distributed foods. Although many consider it a vegetable, it is actually classified as a fruit.

Cucumber has been used for medical and culinary uses since ancient times, particularly in India. Cucumber is found in practically every high-quality diet. It may not be as high in vitamins and minerals as most fruits, but its high water concentration makes it excellent for hydrating the body.

Cucumber is virtually unmatched in the perfume industry. It is mainly used for its irresistible watery freshness and pleasant and light scent, which recalls memories of a rich and lush garden in some small rural idyll. It is ideal for those who enjoy having direct contact with nature through perfume..

Cucumber’s fragrant note creates a natural freshness that is mild and delicate. It uplifts the mood and provides much-needed freshness during the summer and workday, making cucumber perfumes a perfect choice for so-called office perfumes.

Whether you need a perfume that will relax you during a stressful day, give freshness and optimism at the beginning of the work week, or an ideal scent for long nature walks or a night out on vacation, the fragrant note of cucumber will not let you down. My absolute favorite is Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash, and below is a list of other perfumes that have this dominant note.

Perfumes with a note of cucumber:

  • Bond no 9 Wall Street
  • Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua for Men
  • Demeter Cucumbr
  • Estee Lauder Emerald Dream
  • Frederic Malle En Passant
  • Jo Malone Earl Gray & Cucumbr
  • Phaedon L’Eeu de Concombre
  • Shiseido Relaxing Fragrance