Cherry (family Rosaceae, Prunus cerasus) is one of the most interesting fragrant notes in the perfume industry. In perfumes, it is primarily a seductive, sensual, and somewhat edible top note that perfectly balances between sweetness and tartness. Just because it can provide both a refreshing and delicious feeling, the fragrant note of cherries and cherry fruit in dishes and desserts is an irreplaceable and trendy ingredient.


The cherry tree is smaller and reaches a height of 10 meters. The bark is smooth and shiny, while the flower is a gentle white to pink in color. At first glance, it awakens emotions in a person and lures into the world of imagination and fantasy, similar to many Japanese drawings with this motif. The cherry symbolizes the beginning of spring when it is in bloom. Its sour-sweet fruits announce summer and summer adventures, due to the inherent eroticism that has accompanied this fruit for centuries.

Cherries come from prehistoric Europe and western Asia. The ancient Romans cultivated many varieties of cherry trees and enjoyed sweet and sour fruits. Still, it was not until the fifteenth century that cherries began to spread and grow throughout Europe. Over time, it became a symbol of erotic enjoyment, both in poetry and in everyday speech. Therefore, it is not surprising that when perfumers want to make a perfume composition that exudes warmth and seduction, they often reach for the fragrant note of cherry.


The fragrant note of cherry mixes well with citrus, fruity and floral notes, where its tartness and delicious texture stand out. It is excellent in combination with vanilla. On the one hand, it complements the gourmet and sweet scent of vanilla with its fruity sweetness. On the other hand, it gives an interesting contrast with its tartness and makes us enjoy this delicious fragrant combination even more. Also, spellbinding is the accord of cherries and chocolate, which, like dessert, causes instant salivation and immediately destroys all our New Year’s resolutions about choosing healthier food. The perfume industry mainly uses synthetic cherry note based on benzaldehyde, and that is why it has a sweet-bitter feel like almonds and musk, with which it makes a great pair. One of the most beautiful and successful combinations of cherries and almonds is the perfume Black Perfecto from the collection La Petit Robe Noire, by the perfume house Guerlain.

List of perfumes with a cherry note:

  • Bud Parfums Gnosis
  • Bvlgari Amarena
  • Cacharel Gloria
  • Cartier Delices de Cartier
  • Clinique Aromatics Black Ch.
  • Demeter Barbados Ch.
  • Dior Feve Delicieuse
  • Dior Miss Dior Ch.
  • Escada Cherry in the Air
  • Etat Libre d’Orange Bendelirious
  • Giorgio Beverly Hills Red
  • Givenchy Live Irresistible Delicieuse
  • Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Ch. Blossom
  • Guerlain L’Homme Ideal
  • Hilde Soliani Una Tira l Altra
  • Histoires de Parfums Tubereuses 2 Virginale
  • Kim K Kimoji Ch.
  • L’Occitane Ch. Blossom
  • Lalique Le Baiser
  • Lolita Lempicka Sweet
  • Olfactive Studio Close Up
  • Oriflame Cherries
  • Prada Candy Gloss
  • Ramon Monegal Ch. Musk
  • Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum
  • Shiseido Ever Bloom
  • Svens Parfym Frojd
  • Valentino Valentina Blush
  • Zara Cherry