Beeswax is one of the rarest substances used in the perfume industry and is better known by its French name – Absolute Cire d’Abeille. It is obtained by the alcoholic dissolution of beeswax and is produced worldwide. What we call beeswax in perfumery is an extract from the apiary when all other waxes are removed, a product of the honey bee Apis Mellifera. It is interesting that beeswax is one of the few fragrant substances of animal origin that can be obtained without harming animals (cruelty-free), and as such has great value because in addition to its sweet odor, its fixative abilities (long binds far more volatile aromatic notes like citrus). it also contributes to the animalic kick in perfumes, which has always been attractive to people.


The leading manufacturers of beeswax are Angola, California, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and Spain. Although they have the same structure from a chemical perspective, an experienced perfumer can recognize the origin of the beeswax because of the characteristic odor present in it relative to the place of origin, as well as the type of flowers that the bees were fed during the beeswax. Anguilla Benguela wax is one of the most sought after in Europe and is highly represented in the perfume and cosmetics industries. Perfumers in France still favor beeswax from Gras, because it is made by bees feeding on the vast fields of lavender, rose and jasmine.

Beeswax absolute is a solid, waxy mixture, light yellow, with a slightly sweet and pleasant aroma, with notes of grain, tobacco, and coumarin. It is very reminiscent of a mix of linseed oil and honey. In the perfume industry, it is used primarily as a modifier (between the top and bottom notes), as well as in the case of a high proportion of synthetic substances that need rounding and adding naturalness. It blends very well with jasmine, mimosa, violet, tobacco, and is often part of the so-called c’er d’abeille bases that combine the sweetness of a meadow scent and heavy, honey-floral scents (chamomile, resin, coumarin).

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