Vert Fougere is a perfume by the English niche brand Floris, one of the oldest in the world with a tradition of making perfumes for more than 250 years. The Floris House was founded by Juan Floris back in 1730, and it is owned by the family to this day. Great-great-great-grandson of Juan Floris Edward Bodenham, with whom I had the honor to do an interview (which you can read HERE) led the creation of this Floris perfume, along with his inhouse perfumers, and did something that, at least for my nose, resuscitation of an old school genre, by retaining all the distinctive features, while removing what most perceive as an old-fashioned flair.

Vert fougere

Fougere perfume family, group or genre, has traditionally been associated with men’s perfumes and all those who lean towards masculine energy. Essentially very aromatic, herbal, depending on the perfumer’s interpretation, they can be refreshing, but extremely characteristic, such as the legendary Azzaro Pour Homme or warmer, woody, like the new Lalique L’Insoumis perfume.

They are derived from the legendary Fougere Royale by Houbigant and Guerlain Jicky, which is considered to be the best lavender perfume ever created, and lavender is usually an essential component of all fougere perfumes. The base of all fougeres is a combination of lavender and coumarin, synthetic components of an exceptionally diverse smell that ranges from delightfully aromatic to warm spicy like a mixture of hay and tobacco to exotic like coconut. Geranium, oakmoss, bergamot, and vetiver are common notes in this fragrance family.

Vert Fougere is a true niche interpretation of the fougere genre, in which the very idea and creativity of the perfumers who created it go ahead of commercial success and goals. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is not trying to be, it is quite clear from the very opening, which is composed of fresh and citrus notes of bergamot and aromatic and bitter galbanum. A mega dose of galbanum, as in the past, when people and perfumers were not afraid of unique and characteristic, unwavering and uncompromising notes or people, is present in Vert Fougere, which gives it a characteristically fresh, herbal bitter Schweppes aroma complemented by woody notes. The feeling itself is as if you walked into a cold, pine forest, full of ferns (fougere means fern) and trees surrounded by resin that the trees drop. After a few hours, Vert Fougere is completely transformed as one of the most beautiful woody cashmere accords begins to develop. As a rest stop after a long trip through the dense forest. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket and read your favorite book in this insulated wooden hut. Vert Fougere is not a club perfume, it is not a panty dropper, and it does not represent the joys of life. His gift is something more…a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: galbanum, grapefruit, bergamot; middle notes: neroli, lavender, ginger; base notes: cashmere, cedar, amber, smoky notes.

[Fragrance group] woody fougere.