ManRose is a perfume by the Italian fashion house Etro, which appeared on the market in 2017, as an oriental interpretation of a rose for men. Fragrances for men, dominated by the fragrant note of rose, are rare in the western market, where floral notes are mainly used to make women’s perfumes, but not in the East. The rose itself is so versatile, that depending on the composition of the perfume, other fragrant notes, and accords, it can be both very masculine and very feminine and unisex.


The Etro brand exists for 50 years, and the first collection of perfumes was created back in 1989. Fist perfumes that rose to success were Ambra, Heliotrope, Vetiver. The brand is famous for the use of ornaments in the production of clothes, and they also adorn perfume bottles. The founder is Girolamo Etro, and this fashion house is now run by his heirs, an authentic Italian prototype of the family business.

What excites me about ManRose perfume is the beautiful fragrant accord of rose, resin, and bergamot. There is an expression in cooking when a chef makes a mixture of spices or ingredients that are not common and has new quality. Everyone who tries it immediately feels that these ingredients belong together, like tasting a long-forgotten dish. Then they say that they “sing” together. In the case of ManRose, bergamot, rose, and resin sing together, in unison, in a beautiful aria. The entire perfume composition is rounded off with one of my favorite spices – cardamom, while the base contains gentle, powdery notes of leather and woody vetiver.

ManRose is both elegant and seductive. Rarely does a perfume combine both of these qualities. I guess that is due to the magic rose, which, depending on the approach and concentration, can smell fresh, green, like a newly grown bud, and juicy, delicious as honey from Thassos. ManRose is classified as a men’s perfume, probably because of the dose of black pepper it carries in itself. However, for my nose, this is pure unisex, easy to wear in all day, night, formal occasions, and solitary walks by the river. Maybe even as an intimate perfume that you apply to the inside of the elbow before bed, for more beautiful and comfortable dreams. If you are looking for a universally pleasant scent, you don’t have to smell like Boss Orange. Look for ManRose. For the same amount of money, you will get a far more sophisticated and more affluent perfume.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, cardamom, pepper, elemi; middle notes: rose, geranium, incense; base notes: patchouli, vetiver, amber, leather, oakmoss.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral.

The creator of the perfume is Mathieu Nardin.