Beyond Paradise Men is a perfume of the American brand Estee Lauder, which is known for its fantastic cosmetics as well as perfume formulas. We all know perfumes such as Youth Dew, Knowing, White Linen, Beautiful and Cinnabar, however, Beyond Paradise for Men and Beyond Paradise for Woman, have, for some reason, passed unnoticed, although they may be one among the most perfect perfumes made in the 21st century.

A well-known perfume critic Luca Turin in his book Perfumes, the A-Z Guide, in addition to the highest rating to this perfume, describes it as a perfume for which the word chord (conjunction of fragrant notes) is the most appropriate one in history. The discovery of citrus-plant note of dihydromyrcenol in the early 1990s, in combination with yellow citrus, lavender, and melon, is a riddle that has not been solved by many perfumers, given the different volatility of the notes themselves. Fortunately for us, Calice Becker, the creator of this perfume, solved it. I would add another Luca Turin’s comment about the Beyond Paradise Men perfume – that it is “more music than a perfume”.

beyond paradise men

I would even go a step further, on both levels mentioned above. What is most important to this perfume is not just the chord, but also the complexity of the whole composition. Beyond Paradise Men is one of the most sophisticated modern fragrances. When you try it on the first time, and every other time, you will be amazed by the feeling of Michelangelo’s complexity. Beyond Paradise Men is painted, like the Sistine Chapel, with all the divine colors, shapes, and fragrant interactions that nature offers. It’s a paradise scene, and haters would add … hell as well, but it does not matter, because the overall impression is: artistic ecstasy.

Beyond Paradise Men offers a fragrant escape to a tropical island. As a tourist guide, it will take us with its aquatic, ozone notes to a barefoot walk along the ocean, where we will have the opportunity to meet well-known fruits, flowers, and trees, but also fruits, flowers, and trees that we never have seen. Such is an olfactory impression of this perfume, a mixture of well-known and unknown feelings and aromas. Each of them is not attractive (in fact, some are also quite unpleasant smells), but it does not matter, because everything, with the magical touch of Calica Becker, is embedded in a unique, beautiful wholeness that cannot leave you indifferent. With the Beyond Paradise Men, you will undoubtedly leave the impression, and you will be noticed. Some people will like it, somebody will find it repulsive, mainly people used to lemonade and candy perfumes. But fear is not the characteristic of true perfume lovers, they bravely go to their own olfactory adventure and like the head of the Lannister family from the famous Game of Thrones series, boldly carry the mantra: A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: birch, grapefruit, sea notes, hyacinth; middle notes: Estragon, gardenia, sage, orchid, thyme, jasminebase notes: oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, fig tree, hibiscus.

[Fragrance group] woody aromatic.

Perfume creator is Calice Becker.