girl of now

Girl of Now is a perfume of the Lebanese fashion brand Elie Saab which was launched in 2017. Elie Saab is a fashion designer known for his luxurious dresses often worn by the red-carpet ladies. His creations are frequently decorated with semi-precious stones, just as the Girl of Now perfume bottle, Swarovski crystals, pearls, and lace. In fashion terms, his aim is always to connect East and West, but that is not the case with the perfume Girl of Now, illustrating the modern-day girl who resides mainly in the Western hemisphere – more precisely, infamous Coachella festival.

girl of now

The new perfume Girl of Now is described as:

Perfume that keeps the spirit of the new generation in itself. Always with her women squad, our heroine always has all eyes watching her. Spontaneous, playful and carefree!

I have never seen nicer euphemisms for disinhibited, promiscuous, and stupid. But yes, that was the idea behind the creating of this perfume. To envisage the perfume that will satisfy the taste of 99% of bloggers and those girls who want to become bloggers one day (because real professions are sooo last century). Obsessed with plastic, pink color, synthetic sweets, and Pomeranians, they are present-day superheroes: they can ravage Sephora in a single shopping spree (items up to 500 dinars), make more selfies in a second than the comic and film hero Flash, scan the outfits of all passing girls and women to the smallest detail with a look more superior than Superman’s, and use their half-meter enhanced nails to fend off all those boring and awful guys who do not happen to be controversial businessmen. If bad hair extensions could speak, they would say: You work from 9 to 5? Leave me alone, kid!

The perfume composition of Girl of Now is oriental floral, and when I say oriental floral, I refer to the head immersed in a metal cauldron of sugar candy at the end of  Knez Mihajlova Street, with the scent of Starbucks coffee coming from the floor of Rajićeva shopping mall – or at least what they call coffee. It is a simple and unsightly mixture of the most popular gourmet notes ever since the revolution caused by Aqualina Pink Sugar, otherwise by three classes better than all of the latter. Sugar candy, caramel, pistachio paste, the Holy Trinity of Zorannah’s church. In fact, it has the identical scent like Eau de Zorannah, which even lasts longer than Girl of Now. Nevertheless, I don’t know who would like this agony to last on the skin. But I must give credit to Ropion, who wrote an exact scent-like description of every second girl walking the streets in fur summer boots, with the lip gloss color as if she has just eaten the meat pie in the local Trpković bakery, and concrete-looking powder which would enable her to enter and leave Chernobyl reactor with no obstructions, intact and undeterred by radiation. The scent of transition is in the air.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: pear, tangerine, pistachioheart notes: orange blossom, magnolia, almond; base notes: patchouli, tonka, cashmere.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral.

The perfume was created by Dominique Ropion and Sophie Labbe.