Oudh Infini is a perfume by the French niche brand Dusita that is known for using the highest quality and natural raw materials in perfume creations and at accordingly high prices – 50 milliliters of this perfume costs about $ 450. And before you think there isn’t any reason for a fragrance to cost so much, think again, because … Oudh Infini is made up from the rarest, most expensive, and forbidden ingredients. For all fans of perfumes like Yves Saint Laurent Kouros and those who claim that today’s fragrances cannot be compared to the perfumes of the last century, there is Oudh Infini and within him animalic fragrant substances in all their (un)holy glory.

Oudh Infini

Obtaining fragrant substances of animal origin is not an easy task, nor ethical many would say. Sometimes it is entirely harmless – in the case of ambergris, which is obtained from sperm whales, and sometimes I assume uncomfortable – in the case of natural musk obtained from the sex glands of musk deer (ouch!). In Oudh Infini, you have the opportunity to smell real musk as well as civet, combined with the highest quality oud, ubiquitous in modern niche perfumery, but so rarely in pure, natural form.

If I had to describe Oudh Infini in a few words, it would be the scent of the interior of socialistic Eastern Europe trains, though I’m sure Pissara Umavijani never set foot in one. Leather, urine, locomotive fuel, all that magical stuff that marked my boyhood travels. Not that Oudh Infini doesn’t have pleasant notes that mitigate the rawness and primal power of Oudh and animal notes. Mysore sandalwood, vanilla as well as orange blossom in the opening make this composition more tolerable and susceptible to analysis and even admiration.

Oudh Infini releases those forces that are part of our nature, which we often deny, suppress, or fear, and which are part of us and that give us strength and a thirst for life. Animal instincts, stored in the unconscious that provide depth and energy, fullness and vitality, like the animal notes in the case of perfumes. Modern perfumes are castrated (literally and metaphorically) and therefore act as shadows of their former selves, just as a man without them would be a two-dimensional figure. If you want to feel the perfume equivalent of Id, the mental representation of all our urges, look no further than Oudh Infini.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: oud, rose, orange blossom; middle notes: benzoin, sandalwood; base notes: vanilla, musk, civet.

[Fragrance group] oriental woody.

Perfume creator is Pissara Umavijani.