Erawan is a perfume by the French niche brand Dusita. It is one of the most exciting fragrances in 2018, both in the fougere genre and in the niche and designer world. Perfumes of the Dusita brand, although there are not many of them so far – only 8, very quickly gained an enviable reputation in the perfume world due to unusual and creative interpretations and the extraordinary quality of raw materials from which they are made. Each Dusita perfume has about 90 percent natural ingredients. Not that the share of natural ingredients is a guarantee of perfume quality. It is challenging, if not impossible, to make a completely natural perfume that would match those containing synthetic components according to all the criteria that evaluate perfumes today. However, the high proportion of natural substances gives fullness and a special feeling to the fragrance, even though its base is synthetic.


Fougere perfumes are a real rarity among today’s fragrances. Despite their rich past (the first fougere was Fougere Royal by brand Houbigant, made in the late 19th century) and the popularity during the 1980s, when every man had in his fragrant wardrobe at least some classics like Azzaro For Men. Erawan offers fougere lovers a new experience of their favorite genre. It is based on a combination of aromatic and sweet notes. Simultaneously, rustic, like the smell of a forest hut, is also modern, so that even a smooth operator who operates like Sade’s former hit can wear it with pride.

Perfume creator Pissara Umavijani found inspiration for Erawan and many other perfumes in Eastern philosophy and religion. Erawan is an elephant-shaped deity, a bringer of rain and fertility. The eponymous park with one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world is located in its country of origin – exotic Thailand.


Erawan’s perfume composition is fougere, and the classic combination of fragrant notes of lavender and coumarin is replaced with aromatic notes of hay and vanilla. What is especially interesting about this combination is that it creates, in an inexplicable way, a thick, delicate smell of chocolate. I wrote about this characteristic of scents in the part Psychology of Perfume, which is dedicated to the perception of a smell. Namely, what we perceive is only the tip of the iceberg, while things that are known to us and unknown to us form what is below our threshold of perception, a part of the iceberg below the sea’s surface. This is another reason why you should not create impressions or buy perfumes only according to the listed notes, because we never know what impression their combination would make. Rarely it will a surprise be as pleasant as Erawan. The aroma of petitgrain and sage contributes to the scent, which gives the whole composition a refreshingly bitter aftertaste, like cold Schweppes on a hot summer evening. The Haitian vetiver absolute gives fullness and a sweet, earthy tone. It makes every breath of Erawan smell like an illusion of lounging on the grass in an isolated and pristine garden when the sun’s golden rays on an August evening dissolve and release the scents of flowers and trees surrounding us. Unique natural experience and experience of nature at the same time. Wonderful!

[Fragrance notes] top notes: petitgrain, sage; middle notes: lily of the valley, vetiver, hay; base notes: vanilla, cedar, oakmoss.

[Fragrance group] fougere.

The creator of the perfume is Pissara Umavijani.