Potion Royal Black is a perfume by Canadian fashion brand DSquared, known for its woody masculine and feminine perfumes. Royal Black is a flanker that appeared in 2013, two years after the original Potion. Although it failed commercially, this is a perfume with qualities that make it stand out from the standard DSquared offering, even the entire design perfume scene.

Perfume composition of Potion Royal Black is extremely linear despite its pyramidal structure. It opens with a rose, but a much darker, spicier and a touch more manly rose than the usual rose perfumes for ladies. The masculinity of the rose is enhanced with chilly, thyme and leather notes. Rather unusual creation for western noses. For eastern arbiters, this is how an ideal man ought to smell.

potion royal black

Potion Royal Black stand out from the commercial male perfumes that are very similar in a conceptual and executive sense with niche perfumes or with the old, legendary editions like Davidoff Zino. Zino fans will probably be able to find their new signature perfume because it has all the qualities needed to become someone’s permanent scent companion. Dark, mysterious, unusual.  When you walk around the city, you will not smell like every other guy, on Sauvage, Aventus or Invictus. Those perfumes probably have their own allure and Latin suffix “us” but you will have a dark, royal potion.

Because of its incredible strength, sillage and the fact that it lasts so long and is so projective, Potion Royal Black is not a perfume to wear daily nor in every season, as a matter of fact. The ideal season for this perfume is autumn and winter, nights out and special occasions. From the jet black bottle, through fragrance composition and the name itself, all points to a careful dosage. Remember, less is more, at least when it comes to Potion Royal Black perfume. Experienced fans of Zino will, I am positive, know just the right measure. To quote homeopaths: poison in small dosage can cure and kill in large ones.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, thyme, red pepper; middle notes: rose, tobacco, leatherbase notes: cashmere, musk, guaiac tree.

[Fragrance group] woody spice.