Sauvage has been Dior’s ultimate bestseller since it was launched in 2015. TV ads, billboards, promo boots jumping from every corner proved that, unfortunately, the above average efforts in marketing can compensate a below average effort in perfume production. The video goes like this: Sauvage’s promoter Johnny Deep is in the middle of the desert that looks like a place in Nevada where mobsters get rid of the bodies of opponents after a bloody shoot down (and it smells like it by the way), and he is looking for himself and his scent. What is stinkin’ good lookin’?

To quote youtuber and perfume reviewer Katie Puckrik: Is it a carcass of a road kill? Sunlit remains of coyote’s dinner? Foul cesspool behind the meth lab? He gazes over the valley and realizes the terrible truth “I am the one that scent is coming from.” I would like to add that even the great actor like Johnny Deep couldn’t cover the look on his face, the utter disappointment, and disgust over the perfume he is forced to advertise. Gambling debts are a real pain in the ass.


After they were forced to pull back the main commercial over the incident in Depp family (when Amber accidentally beat up Johnny’s fist with her face), smart people of Dior decided to focus on influencers and youtubers. Like ricochet, Sauvage’s good grace spread across all other reviewer and all those who do not know perfume art and have zero taste in fragrances. I truly gave my best to try and find something good in Sauvage. Frequent visits to a perfume shop, trying it out on blotters, my and skin of my friends (to eliminate the possibility that it was me that had a problem with this perfume), and each time the result was What the Fuck?! moment replaced by wonder how this perfume gained such popularity in only two years. My deep condolences because every time someone buys Sauvage, one scent fairy looses her wings.

Dior is known for its legendary perfumes with strong character. Do I need to mention Fahrenheit or Dior Homme? Compared to them, Sauvage has not a trace of character and its perfume composition is like an average repellent for mosquitoes. A bitter, eye-watering, shapeless and meaningless mixture of bad taste and absurd. Gross!

If you think I am being subjective and that perfumes are a personal thing, look up on the internet the review by any renown perfume critic and you will see that every one of them loves different perfumes but are all united in one thing: absolute despise towards Dior Sauvage. As far as performances are concerned, they are excellent and last like herpes…my recommendation is to wear it when fishing, you will have a top protection against mosquitoes and flies.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, lavender; middle notes: black pepper, pink pepper, geranium; base notes: ambroxan, cedar, labdanum, elemi.

[Fragrance group] aromatic fougere. The advertisement for the perfume can be seen on official YT Dior channel.

Perfume creator Francois Demachy.

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