Hypnotic Poison is a flanker of a perfume classic Dior Poison. In light with today’s approach to flankers which are, due to hyper production and the lack of ideas, by default a bad variation to the original, Hypnotic Poison stands out with its unique character and a new, creative formula that perfectly blends oriental gourmand and spicy notes the way only Annick Menardo can. It was launched in 1998. and it is still one of the best vanillas ever.

When it comes to gourmand perfumes it is very difficult and it requires a great skill and talent to find the line between edible and wearable scent. Perfumes tend to go to one side in in that case we usually end up smelling sweetly sticky, like we dipped our head in the honey jar (khm, JPG Scandal, khm) or repulsively synthetic, like electric green mints. That is not the case with Hypnotic Poison, oh no. Annick Menardo knows better. On the paper, all the scent notes she uses, starting with vanilla, then almonds, prunes, jasmine, musk, they all turn to a “chemical-eco catastrophe”. Like Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl. Buy Hypnotic Poison has an inherent harmony where every note has its purpose, each one compliment and soots each other bringing out the best and subduing the shortcomings. Like the little black dress.

Rich, creamy scent of the fines vanilla enriched with the aroma of crisp, freshly baked almond rests on a full, sweet, floral jasmine. Coconut is just an addition to the cake decorated with ripe, juicy plums. Musk ads a subtle touch to the perfume, as if this perfect dessert is not an aphrodisiac on it own. Seemingly simple notes, but we are aware this perfume cannot be copied. The world is full of bad Hypnotic Poison copies but Menardo’s masterpiece is beyond reach and there isn’t a “perfume baker” who managed to “bake” something like it in their workshop. The difference between the real perfume and a copy is like one between a perfect 10-stories wedding cake and a bad cake you barely manage to shove down your throat so you wouldn’t offend the cook whose explanation was that there was something wrong with the stove.

Numerous bad copies and the lack of skill when applying Hypnotic Poison are the main reason why people stay clear of this perfume. My advice, wear it only in winter when the temperatures are very low. And just a spray or two of perfume. Everything more than that and you’ll be branded a walking poison more deadly than the red apple in Snowhite fairytale. if you don’t want people to choke when they see you like Snowhite did with that apple, be moderate. if you are, you will smell like the most perfect, creamy cake ever.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: plum, coconut, almond; middle notes: jasmine, cumin, tuberose, rosewood; base notes: vanilla, musk, sandalwood.

[Fragrance group] oriental vanilla.

Perfume creator is Annick Menardo.

[Perfume profiling] introverted 20% extroverted 80% rational 20% emotional 80%

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