Dior Homme appeared on the market in 2005, redefining the goals of the modern male perfume industry. Everyone can find something interesting and inspiring in it. Too often those who try to please everyone fail, but that is not the case with Dior Homme, the perfume that became the scent classic and a textbook example how perfumes should be made and what they should represent.

Perfume composition of Dior Homme is pure perfection. Each note is distinctive and used for a reason. The particularity of a good perfume is its recognizable and unique scent that you can feel anytime, whether it lingers on the skin for five minutes or five hours. Its character remains.  Just like you can be cheerful one day, melancholy the other and all sparkly on the third day. It’s all you; there is a continuity of consciousness and personality despite temporary changes. That is the case with Dior Homme. It opens with aromatic herbs and refreshing bergamot, but immediately you can sense the notes of leather and iris that are the trademark of this perfume. The transformation from fresh to warm, powdery is so subtle and discreet, like falling asleep after a long day. The peaceful note of cocoa is not so gourmand as it is spicy. It skillfully balances between “eat me” and “don’t eat me” scent that is common for most successful perfumes from the 2000s. For me, this perfume has that Chanel like quality that anticipated the arrival of Olivier Polge to Chanel seven years later.

Dior Homme has refined, elegant, simple and laidback charm. Like sitting next to a smooth but unpretentious man who can make you laugh but at the same time entertain you with a story about the sfumato technique in Renaissance art.

Ladies, don’t worry yourselves by classifying Dior Homme as a masculine perfume. This is one of those masculine perfumes that suits women perfectly. I would recommend it for you to wear it on business meetings; you will leave a fantastic impression on your colleagues.

Main complaints with this perfume are that smells like powder, lipstick. Basically the bottom of a women’s handbag. I cannot say those charges are baseless. Yes, it does smell like that but that is the magic of many perfumes, to find inspiration in everyday scents and raise them to the unimaginable heights. To make a perfume out of it and…bottom line, art.

The bottle of Dior Homme deserves a review for itself, it is that good. Monolithic in its simplicity and, like the liquid in it, radiates elegance and is memorable. With straight lines, it resembles a massive, cut out piece of crystal. As performances are concerned, they are fantastic. It lasts around 12 hours on my skin with a solid projection and scent trail. It is ideal for autumn days so if you are looking for a perfume, look no further. Dior Homme is something you have to have, even if you are allergic to perfumes. It is that good.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: lavender, bergamot, sage; middle notes: iris, cocoa; base notes: leather, amber, vetiver, patchouli.

[Fragrance group] floral wood musk. Interview with Robert Pattinson, the face of Dior Homme can be seen on Dior official YT channel.

Perfume creator is Olivier Polge and was reformulated by Francois Demachy

[Perfume profiling] introverted 50% extroverted 50% rational 70% emotional 30%

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