Basis of every scent are scented oils or perfume essences it contains. Those are the things that give scent and our nose reacts on. Since scented oils are very strong so if we’d put them directly on our skin they would be unpleasantly strong. This is why they are watered down with water or alcohol. Depending on how watered down they are, we have: perfume, eau de perfume, eau de toilette, eau de Cologne.

  1. Perfume – has biggest percentage of scented oils, 20-40 percent. It is extremely strong and lasts longest on your skin. All you need is a drop or two and the scent will last all day long. Because of that it is sold in small packaging and it extremely pricey.
  2. Eau de perfume (perfumed water) – has 15-20 percent of scented oils. It is also sold in small bottles; it’s cheaper than perfume and also lasts long on your skin.
  3. Eau de toilette (toilette water) – has around 10 percent of scented oils. Dominant are short lasting citrusy upper notes. Middle and lower notes can last approximately 4 hours.
  4. Eau de Cologne (Cologne water) – is at the lowest level when it comes to scented oils concentration (3-7 percent). It is very refreshing during summer and it is not very lasting. Usually it sells in 200ml bottles.