Nomade is a perfume by French brand Chloe, famous for their luxury wardrobe and accessories. Chloe was opened in 1952 and they launched their first perfume Chloe eau de parfum in 1975. Since then, they had a number of successful perfume editions like Love, Love Story and See. Celebrities who are Chloe fans are: Marion Cotillard, Sienna Miller, Madonna, January Jones, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, Clémence Poésy and Katie Holmes.

Before we start with the analysis of the perfume, let’s see what the marketing sector in Chloe says about Nomade perfume:

Chloe woman has a free, unconditional, natural elegance. Confident and inspiration, she is perfecting herself through meetings and experiences, proving who she is but never pushing herself on anyone. He inner strength encourages her to embrace divergence. Her eyes are searching new views, her energy is pushing her toward new faces… She leaves behind a trail that defines her with every step, in every place she visits. A perfume that embodies her… Nomade, like her. Gaby Aghion, the founder of Chloe, often used to say: “My colors come from Egypt”. Nomade evokes this vision of getaway. This is a perfume that captures the spirit of eased elegance and confidence combines with the freedom that defines Chloe spirit. The new scent draws a vision of freedom and the need to escape. It draws the shape of a woman whose destiny is neverending journey colored with new horizons. Frech view of the world and new perspectives grip the scent and shine a light on the attractiveness of this woman in search of discoveries.

I have no idea how they managed to imagine and experience all this only by smelling Nomade. It is a fruity, cute, decent scent without any character, idea, creativity and completely at odds with the name. What comes to your mind when you think about nomades? Do you think of freesia and mirabelle plume that Nomade is made of? Or, like me, you think of horses, leather seats, dry desert air, oriental spices? I’m not saying the perfume has to reflect reality its name presents. I’m not saying Nomade should smell like desert sweat and horse’s arse but… Has the name of perfume become so insignificant and arbitrary.

Through our history, the name has always been of extreme importance. in both physical and metaphysical sense. When we name something correctly we can establish a dialogue with others. When we name something correctly we know the essence of that thing. Metaphysics say that if we know the name of something, we own it. That’s how powerful and important a name is.

Nomade’s name in no aspect matches this perfume before us. Floral chypre put in a bottle made to look like Chloe’s famous purse – Drew. The perfume, like the purse, is pretty, feminine, consolidated but that is where the story ends. From the perfume presented like the new pillar of all future Chloe editions and adding to that the price of it, I have expected much more. Too strong a name, to week a perfume.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: plum; middle notes: freesia; base notes: oakmoss

[Fragrance group] chypre floral

Perfume creator is Quentin Bisch.