Pour Monsieur is a perfume classic by Chanel that dates back to 1955. In a time when perfumes were made for gentlemen and not nightclub thugs (Paco Rabanne, khm, khm). Pour Monsieur gives us numerous lessons that step out of perfume composition boundaries. Not only it is a prototype of the so-called chypre genre but its harmony, sensibility and effect can teach a man “with a nose” what gentleman really is.

What makes a gentleman – gentleman? Books, even commercials like Schwepps tell us about it. The real gentleman never takes pictures in front of other people cars. True but irrelevant. The real gentleman never pretends to be a gentleman. Without a doubt. A real gentleman will never wait for you to call first. Irrelevant. The instructions for real gentleman can be read for days and study for nights and will get you nowhere. Because being a gentleman is not a thing of knowledge buy feelings. Rules that are not written in mind but carved in sensibility. That is not something that can be taught. It’s something you are born with. When in a new situation, a gentleman will behave gentleman-like regardless he wasn’t thought how to behave or what to do. He just can’t help himself. Everything else would be ungentlemanly. You cannot fight the nature.

Gentlemen are often mixed with stuck up men. The truth cannot be further from it. A gentleman will not have a problem playing in the sand with kids. A gentleman will give you the umbrella and get soaking wet. A gentleman will burn every day little by little for others and be a hero and entirely burn in one moment. A stuck up guy burns for himself. Never mix the two.

Pour Monsieur is intelligent and sophisticated. But, like a true gentleman (unlike the stuck up dude) he will not hide his joyful and bon vivant nature. A mixture of citrus and neroli, aromatic basil, ginger and cardamon that lean on the titan stability of cedar and oakmoss. Pour Monsieur will not reveal its charms all at once, it will intrigue you all day long. Just when you think you got it all figured out it will show you its news side and leave you breathless. Just like a gentleman. Guys if you want to know what gentleman means, don’t look for it in magazines or portals, turn your attention to this Chanel ubermensch classic. Because Pour Monsieur is a gentleman and a gentleman is for Pour Monsieur.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: lemon, neroli; middle notes: ginger, cardamom, basil; base notes: cedar, oakmoss, vetiver.

[Fragrance group] chypre

Perfume creator is Henry Robert.